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It is quite easy to get lost in information and otherwise. Let me filter the fluff and give it to you straight. 

Blogging is no panacea. I am not here to sell dreams and tell you to leave your day job today. 
But, done right, Blogging can be a super powerful tool to market yourself, your product and your ideas. Find the right platform and audience for your voice.

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Latest Posts

How to Reset WordPress Sites?

How to Reset WordPress Sites?

How do you reset Wordpress sites? And, what exactly do I mean by 'reset'? It means primarily two things in this post's context - Go back in time to 'vanilla' Wordpress with the same versionEnsure any customisation you have made is rolled back If you are like me, reset...

Increased Site Speed != More Organic Traffic

Increased Site Speed != More Organic Traffic

How many times have you seen one or more of the below glorious guides? Climb to first page search rankings by improving the load time by 1 secondDecrease load times by 2 ms and increase traffic by 2000%Decrease load time and increase organic traffic [link] Offer speed...

In-your-face Affiliate Marketing

Over the years I have purchased products through affiliate links. I have been and am thankful for a few dozens of people who had taken pains to explain how a product is good, how does it compare to peers, and who is the right audience for the product. This blog also...

Blogging Relationships, Puking and Other Stories

I am back on the "blogging" scene, and nothing has changed much in years. Missed me much? The first thing I did was to measure up "competition". It is not as if I have a multi-million site here that has to measure up to someone, but it feels good to understand what...

Choose the right logo (ha)

Choose the right logo (ha)

Ok.. I saw this post on Daily Blog Tips. .. and, just couldn't resist. When you go to a blog through a link somewhere, or from Google, what do you notice? Content and how content is organisedUsefulness of content for your stated/perceived problemTone of the content...

Free Blogs that Scale (2019 Edition)

Free Blogs that Scale (2019 Edition)

Blogs that do not cost you anything? What is this - Y2005? Many people far knowledgeable than me declare that the era of free blogging has all but disappeared. It is told that people must be next to crazy to blog on Blogger, Tumblr, and such. So naturally, free blog...

How to write an article in 15 minutes?

How to write an article in 15 minutes?

After my (ahem!) insanely popular post that guides you to write an article in one hour, I decided to do much more for a lot less. That was the remarkable idea to write a 400-500-word article in 15 minutes flat. Yep, you heard it right - 15 minutes. Definitely...

5 reasons why technosanct is a failure

5 reasons why technosanct is a failure is more than a year old. I was blogging on and off on technology, web and internet marketing topics earlier, but that was on and off. I hoped to change all that when I registered for But I did not quite succeed. My metrics for success...


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Hello, I am Prashanth.

Hello, I am Prashanth.

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