Welcome to Content2Cash program!

I am glad you chose this program to read through, digest and hopefully apply it to your own business model. 

Let me clearly outline what the objectives of this program. 

In this program, I am going to show you a step-by-step, easily replicated method to earn money. You will earn money by supplying the most elusive, most difficult to procure product in an information world – content.

We will focus exclusively on content that sells the most, but is the easiest to create – written material. This may be articles, eBooks, and anything in the written format.

You will not be confusing people, not doing anything means illegal, and not selling products and services that are worthless. You will also not be maintaining huge email lists and invest large sums of money in solo ads and email marketing. 

Do not confuse Content2Cash for yet another program that will touch upon basics of content-arbitrage. It is not.

Content2Cash will outline practical steps to start making money through content – either generated by you, curated by you, or connecting the buyers with article writers. Content2Cash is everything about content that can generate cash.

And, know what – you will add value in doing all these services. Get the satisfaction of running a successful business, in addition to earning money!


The first step

In Content2Cash you have taken the first step in knowing how to make money using content. I wish you all the very best in this journey.

content2cash - make money from content


Below are the highlights of this program:

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  • You will learn why content is a big deal.
  • How the content creation process works in the real world. Learn where the successful web masters and bloggers get content from. How does the process work?
  • I will show you easy ways of starting your own content business
  • I will supply you with all the tools required for this business. I will point towards the right resources for paid tools
  • I will show you how to create content yourself, the best way to go about it, and how to achieve success
  • Learn how to outsource it to quality content creators. How you can separate the fluff from the real deal while outsourcing content creation
  • Learn where to look for people who are looking for content, how to take orders from them
  • I give you invaluable tips and tricks all along the way


This seems a lot, but believe me – by the end of this program you will not only understand every aspect described above, but go much beyond what has been covered here.

You have taken this program in good faith. I appreciate you for that that, and will motivate you all the way to get started in the right direction. I will do everything in my power to get you to do that. 

Finally, this is not a “pay x dollar, and read what I have written” program. I am there on the other end of the email/forum to support you through this process. Do not hesitate to get in touch when you are stuck. All problems have a solution.


A note of caution

There will be failures. This is not a program that has guarantees attached to it. There are risks:

  • You may not receive orders quickly enough, and may end up waiting for more time than you anticipated
  • You may not be able to satisfy orders on time, since you were busy with other work in the real or virtual world
  • Your outsourcer may go out of business, or supply you a crappy product. And, it may be up to you to find another source for the content real quick
  • You may loose business, or worse – people may loose faith in you due to failed orders
  • No matter what you do, there are still people out there who will not be satisfied with your product or service

Fear not!

Each of these have mitigation plans. You will learn how to handle them through the course. I have gone through each of these phases myself, and I can point towards the right direction. I can help you take action in those circumstances.


What I expect from you?

Set up objectives that you want to achieve through this program.

[step_graphics style=”5″ color=””][step style=”5″ text=”1″ headline=”Go through the program carefully”][/step][step style=”5″ text=”2″ headline=”Take notes of the positives, and things that you need to be cautious about”][/step][step style=”5″ text=”3″ headline=”Follow the steps provided here to get started”][/step][step style=”5″ text=”4″ headline=”Learn quickly from failures”][/step][step style=”5″ text=”5″ headline=”Stay motivated through the initial steps of starting a business”][/step][/step_graphics]

With that out of the way, once again welcome. Let’s get started with the next step.