Here are all the resources that you will ever need to write great content. Come back for more, this is constantly updated.

Have a suggestion? Comment! I will evaluate your suggestion and credit you for the discovery/invention 🙂


Writing Tools

These are tools that you will use to do the most basic work possible – write.

I have only included resources that I use – for e.g. I use markdown to write content for a few customers. But that may or may not fly with your client, who may not even know markdown is.

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References for Writers

I have gone through a gazillion resources to know better writing, but I do not recommend all. These are hand-picked resources that have made me a better writer.

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I often provide additional value to my content by pointing authors to good images that go well with the posts. As a writer, I often find it easy to picture an image of the topic and write around it. The tone of the article can easily change from dead-serious to being a satire with the image of your article.

Check out the for an amazing list of websites that give you high quality stock images for free.