It’s what the makes the world go round. Or, maybe, it has that effect on just your blog.

The point is that traffic is really important for any website or a blog. Of course you can write a thousand posts and wait for people to come in and crown you the king. From what I have seen (and experienced here and elsewhere), that seldom happens.

The first and foremost thing that you do is to get traffic from Google (or any of the other respected search engines).


But that is zero in my list because it is incredibly difficult to get traffic from Google – especially if a million others are competing with you.

So here are a few websites where you can get the traffic from. You may have seen some of these earlier, are encountering them for the first time – either ways it gives a valuable collection of all link sources at one place.

You don’t have to spend money to get that traffic, but you would expend energy (or money) in creating content on these sites. You will get a valuable back link for free that is viewed favourably by people and search engines.


Web 2.0 Sites

You can use web two sites in a number of ways. Syndicate your posts from the blog on the Web 2.0 site as an excerpt, or as a full post.

You can write a review of your own post on a Web 2.0 site. Or convert from one format to another – for e.g convert your religious gospel into a cartoon for tumblr (scratch it off I didn’t say that).

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Social Media Sites

Need I say more.

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Video Sharing Sites

Create a beautiful video of yourself reciting the blog post. Or, just convert the blog post into slides and create a video by running through the slides with your voice over or some foot tapping music.

Either ways, to get a video on a popular website visited by thousands of people and a link back to your hapless post.

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Tutorial Sites

Write a tutorial on something that you know – maybe a product, service, or anything that catches your fancy. Spice it up with images, videos or anything else that you feel will add value to a person looking for information.

Finally, enjoy the link back from a highly regarded tutorial websites.

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