For the impatient, ShareX is a really good screen capture tool that you can employ to share files. The really powerful part is to capture images, make quick annotations and use it for your blog! Download ShareX, it is completely free!

Read on to do a quick ShareX review. A really good screen capture tool is how I see it, but it can do much more.

I write my share of posts on a couple of blogs, and with posts invariably comes images and screenshots to explain what I am writing about. Often I find the need to either:

  • Capture only a part of image
  • Annotate images
  • Capture screenshots one after the other
  • Capture only part of the application or window

This is easier said than done. In ancient history I have used Alt+Print Screen and used Paint to change images and upload them manually to the posts. But as I became more serious in writing I upgraded to Screenshotcaptor. An excellent program by DonationCoder, I absolutely loved this program. Screenshotcaptor helps you to not only take screenshots in a variety of ways, but also makes it a lot easier to take periodic screenshots, add special effects like torn edges, focus on current windows with blur effect, annotate images and do much more. I was so thrilled by using this program, and by the philosophy of DonationCoder that I actually paid with whatever little money I could afford back then.

But, my problem was not completely solved. When Screenshotcaptor documentation introduced me to ShareX for screenshot uploads, I downloaded the program for the sake of trying it, and became hooked. This is a brief ShareX review of a fan, be warned.

ShareX, a good screen capture tool


ShareX is an open source program (GPL v3 license), and surprisingly nimble for what it can do. At its core, it is a program that can make your file sharing less painful. It has out of the box support for many file sharing hosts, image hosts, and more.

But, the interesting part for bloggers like me is that ShareX makes it easy to play around with images. You can capture screens/application windows in a variety of shapes with shortcut keys. ShareX internally uses Greenshot image editor to annotate screenshots, crop them or blur/obfuscate in parts. Once you finish the annotation, ShareX can automatically upload images to your favourite image host, or Google drive.

The best part is that everything is configurable. You can choose the shortcut keys to automatically take screenshot of entire screen or part of the screen, choose to have annotation or otherwise, and upload images to 9 different image hosts incl. Imgur, Flickr, Picassa (Google drive), Tinypic, Imageshack or even use a custom uploader. You can optionally run the URL through a URL shortener service like or

At various stages, you can also copy images or the URLs of the uploaded images automatically to the clipboard. In addition to this, you can upload already saved images to image hosts.

ShareX, as mentioned previously, can also share text or other files, and upload files to Dropbox, Box, RapidShare, Google Drive among others.

After trying out many tools (both paid and free), I have come to the simple conclusion that ShareX is irreplaceable today. I have been using it extensively for more than six months now and have not found anything as invaluable. It is an excellent timesaver, and has been of great help in making a repeatable task as painless as possible, and is one of the go to tools.

Thank you Jaex and other contributors. Your work here is inspiring to say the least.


A laundry list of ShareX key features

Capture methods: Fullscreen, Active window, Window list, Active monitor, Monitor list, Rectangle, Rectangle + Window, Rounded rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Diamond, Polygon, Free hand, Last region, Screen recording (Supports animated gif), Auto capture

After capture: Add image effects, Add watermark, Annotate image, Copy image to clipboard, Print image, Save image to file, Save image to file as, Copy file to clipboard, Copy file path to clipboard, Perform actions, Upload image to host

Upload methods: File upload, Clipboard upload, Drag and drop, Send to from Windows Explorer, Watch folder

After upload: Use URL shortener, Post URL to social networking service, Send URL with Email, Copy URL to clipboard

Image uploaders:,,,,,,,,,,, File uploader

Text uploaders:,,,,,, File uploader

File uploaders:,, Google Drive,,,,,,, Custom uploader, FTP server, Shared folder, Email

URL shorteners:,,,,,

Social networking services:

Tools: Screen color picker, Hash check, Index folder, Image effects