ScrapeBox is the most basic tool that you should have if you are into blogging, search engine optimization, keyword research, creating affiliate sites, or just about doing anything related to Internet Marketing. ScrapeBox is of invaluable help in a tonne of tasks that you need to repeat for your blogs/websites.

In fact, I considered ScrapeBox even before buying into a keyword research tool. I could semi-automate more than a few tasks, and reinvest the countless hours saved in far more productive activities. ScrapeBox was the very first serious Internet Marketing tool I bought, and I use it more than any other tool to this day.

So, what is ScrapeBox?

ScrapeBox, as the name suggests, is a tool to scrape stuff.

scrapebox screenshot

Although the UI will not get any prizes, it is one of the best ways to get the job done. When you are spending a number of hours each day in front of the tool, you appreciate the neat ways in which the layout is spread out. The tool’s UI almost becomes second nature to get things done – almost.

Let’s look at what ScrapeBox can do. As I have mentioned before, no blog is an island. Along with building great content, you need to get out there to spread your word.

This is easier said than done.

With the limited time you have at hand, it becomes exceedingly difficult to engage your peers, readers and every Tom, Dick and Harry to like what you have written.

Enter internet marketing tools that automate your life. Enter ScrapeBox.

Where can you use ScrapeBox?

Off the innumerable things that ScrapeBox can do, the following are important:

  • Scrape for proxies
  • Scrape keywords, related keywords, and related related keywords
  • Find websites that are of interest to the said topics/keywords
  • Post comments

While there are more than enough black hat techniques you can use, there are equal number of tasks that anyone can (and must) employ.

You will often hear bloggers, and webmasters scoff when they read/see/hear ScrapeBox, but don’t believe them for a minute. They might just be using it in the background – for “educational” purposes, of course.

Remember that ScrapeBox is just a tool. How you use it is up to you.

Get Started

ScrapeBox is listed at $197, but has a perpetual discounted rate of $97.

Head over to this link to find the best discount on ScrapeBox at any time.

The link to download the ScrapeBox will be sent across to your Paypal email id (or any email id you specify when you use other payment methods).

Download ScrapeBox, which is available as a zip file. You just double click on ScrapeBox to fire it up. Now, you need to activate the software before you can use it. You need to provide the same email id and the purchase receipt number. It is manual activation, so hold on for up to 12 hours (or contact support).

You are all set! Subsequent posts deal with how to use ScrapeBox. We will start all white hat, and introduce touches of grey later!