I recently applied to NoHatSEO (now NoHatDigital) internship, got selected and got kicked out – all in quick succession. So, what really happens inside NoHatSEO internship program. Find out.

NoHatDigital runs internship programs for SEO enthusiasts. They conduct this program almost every month, and invite people through their blog to go through their learning course – for free.

What attracted me to this program was the way SEO strategies are presented in a no-nonsense approach. And, of course the price of zero dollars (not exactly, see below) did help. Before going any further, let’s see more about the course.


About NoHatSEO internships

Hayden Miyamoto runs NoHatSEO. If you are not familiar, Hayden is a successful and popular Internet Marketer who earns real money, and does not spread BS to earn more money.

nohatseo internship review


NoHatSEO is an excellent way to spread Hayden and team’s deep expertise on SEO. One for which I am grateful (yes, even though I did not quite complete the course).

As you can see the motto of Hayden is quite simple –

To bring beginners to the point where they are making a decent amount of income online, and to inspire those looking to scale up to the next level. And to do all this for free.

It is “free of cost”. You still have to invest your time and energy to make it work.

And, of course they will get benefited by getting sites developed from you. You have to compare what you can potentially learn here. Internet “Gurus” and quacks sell far inferior training for hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so this opportunity is just priceless.

Hayden is told to be lurking in the background in the internship program. The real coordination and hard work on the ground is done by Greg Nunan, and his team. 


Who is this for?

The internship is targeted at newbie marketers, SEO enthusiasts and others who are interested in building websites that rank. It helps to know about the basics of websites and keyword research, but that is not a barrier. Your own will (or the lack thereof) is what will drive you further, or hold you from being successful.


Get Started on NoHatSEO Internships

There are only few pre-requisites to join this internship, and they are not quite mandatory.

Knowing fluent English is a must. I am a native English speaker, and I qualified. So can you. It is preferable that you know a bit about website building, but what you really need is the will to do a LOT of hard work during the internship.

You get started by applying for internship at NoHatSEO. The internship is made available to you free of cost, but you do have to pay a refundable fee of USD500 through Paypal. The knowledge that you earn is limitless, and priceless for the investment in time and energy that you make.

By doing NoHatSEO internship you will know:

  • Exact method to do keyword research for websites.
    How to choose a topic and target a content powerhouse that can churn out articles on the topic. Hayden’s team believes in creating authority sites to achieve best results nowadays, and their focus is shared to the intern team as well.
    Keyword research is perfected to an easy-to-follow process. Once you see what is exactly done to identify those golden keywords, there is no catching you.
    Unfortunately, this was also my Achilles heel – more on that later.
  • Plan end-to-end process for website creation
    Get your keywords done, and plan content around it. You will also decide the website name, and how keywords are employed in the initial set of pages for the proposed website
  • Put everything to action
    You have decided the keywords, and content. You will get everything reviewed thoroughly by the Group Leads and get their approval. I just cannot stop saying how helpful the team at NoHatSEO is. You will know where you are going wrong, and the corrections you need to incorporate.
    Once you have approvals in place, you follow content template to get the perfect on-page SEO. The team helps you with the technical implementation of WordPress, you just add content to it.
    The course clearly identifies the process to have on-page SEO that is loved by Google. That includes the number of outbound links and use of media.
  • Learn a bit about offsite SEO
    Quantify the back-linking strategy and learn what works. Enough said.
  • Do something more – that may include getting your website in Google news, or doing experiments with newer methods of SEO. NoHatSEO is one busy team with full of ideas, and the you will find palpable excitement to get things done.


The best thing about this whole program is that you get to meet other people with similar interests. You will form groups and help each other out, and you can continue those relationships post the program as well. As an added bonus, you *may* be offered paid positions, given access to other high-ranking blogs, or other unmentioned benefits from NoHatSEO.

Overall, the internship is 28 days of walking the talk, and doing SEO that people are only thinking/talking about, or trying to hide from you. 


And, there is more..

Our team was given an option to choose an elite option for internship. This implies you work doubly hard in getting more keywords, and creating more content in the same given time. You will learn a lot more, and put a lot more into action.

You can also choose to keep the sites to yourself. Called “Private Training Course” (PTC), this will enable you to go the whole nine yards of website building for an upfront payment of a fee.


What NoHatSEO Internship asks from you?

A commitment on “doing” things as instructed.

You will not be given steps (a), (b) and (c) to copy and make thousands of dollars overnight. This is a program that teaches you to fish! It is easy to think about SEO, but it needs will to execute the plan. NoHatSEO internship program has strict guidelines on getting things done right, and on time.

If you are new, be ready to dedicate at least 3-4 hours per day in getting the basics right. If you are an old-hand, you are better placed but be ready to unlearn a few things to take the “right” path.

The team is super helpful, courteous, polite and ask the same from you. That makes the world a better place for sure.


My Experience

My program started out with a bang all right. I did get a few keywords and the initial process right. I connected with a couple of folks in my team, and we were all excited to get on with the program. 

And then, there came trouble.

The course is firm on what makes to the chosen keywords. They expect a few calculations to be made to arrive at the Revenue Per 1000 Impressions (RPM) > USD 100. Finding those keywords that add up to a projected value was what I found the most challenging. 

Yes, it is the very first step. But this is the also the key to build successful websites. You don’t get this right and you won’t have the foundation right.

And yes, I failed. I learned a lot while failing spectacularly. I now know better ways to research keywords for affiliate sites. I am going to introduce significant course corrections on all my sites to follow a better keyword research process.

Do I recommend this course? Hell, yes! 

You get to learn a LOT more than what you are spending here. It is an excellent investment of your time, and you can even opt for the PTC where you can keep the websites to yourself. It is highly generous of Hayden, Greg and Team to share their knowledge for free (or for a reasonable fee).

I encourage you to opt for the course if you haven’t done that already. But, go there prepared to spend some quality time.

If you are wondering, I was refunded the USD 500 taken as a deposit with a couple of follow-ups. The experience has made me learn/unlearn a few things.

I hope the program will turn out better for you than it was for me! I look forward to your experience on NoHatSEO internship program.


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