ScrapeBox is the most basic tool that every internet marketer should have. With a simple (but cluttered!) UI, ScrapeBox provides you the most powerful features that you ever wanted in your internet marketing life!

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Read through the ScrapeBox feature list before you purchase. If you are in a hurry, here’s the link to the best discount for ScrapeBox.

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Awesome Features of ScrapeBox

Refer the ScrapeBox Step by Step Tutorial for a detailed outline of various features that ScrapeBox offers. 


I. ScrapeBox offers a complete harvesting package

ScrapeBox is not for scraping alone, but that is its core capability (of course!). 
  1. Harvest Keywords
    Start with a basic keyword (e.g. ScrapeBox), and get hundreds or thousands of long tail keywords. No more manually looking up URL’s when doing competitor or product research. You cannot just believe how fast you can generate keywords. Once done, just run the keywords in Google Adwords Tool (or any other tool like LongTailPro, or Market Samurai), and you will precisely know the keyword worth. ScrapeBox considers multiple sources for the keyword generation.
     scrapebox keyword scraper
  2. Harvest Blogs, Websites
    Use those identified keywords to get the websites and blogs that are most relevant to your niche. You can easily check the page rank of these sites, and quickly identify the sources for building your back links. Search for the websites based on specific footprints (e.g. “powered by WordPress”), or directly based on platform. ScrapeBox comes with 20+ platforms, you can train ScrapeBox to identify even more. 
    scrapebox harvesterscrapebox-urls-harvested
  3. Harvest Proxies
    ScrapeBox allows you to use your own proxies to do all the scraping. Do not get your IP banned by Google! Better still, you can also scrape for public proxies that you can safely use for all your harvesting – for free. 
    It is a common enough practice to use VPS / proxies to run ScrapeBox 24×7.

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II. Maintain lists of relevant URLs

ScrapeBox allows you to not only scrape URLs, but will also let you:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Check page rank of the URL domain, and keep the ones that are most relevant
  • Export the list of URLs for future use


III. Increase your website/page hits from specified referrals

Specify referral sites, and generate traffic for your site with the specified referrals. You can even maintain a list of referrals, and use it periodically to dramatically improve the website hits! Not that I suggest using that, but hey, one can get satisfied with virtual users too 🙂

This will be invaluable when you are just a few views short for getting that most sought after affiliate program! Please do not quote me on this.


IV. Auto comment and ping backs!

The best is at the last. 

  1. After identifying the most relevant URLs for your keywords, you can manually post comments on the said blogs. Build hand-made, high quality backlinks that Google will love
  2. You also have the option to automate the entire damn thing. Just identify the URLs, optionally specify a captcha service, and hit a button. You can use a simple in-built spinner to generate variations of your comments, and build hundreds of back links in one go!
    scrapebox-mass-posterDo this on your own blog to encourage others to join in the conversation. Or, do it on your friends’ blog and link back to your own. 
  3. You can also submit your RSS feeds to multiple RSS services. Get immediate attention of web directories, and search engines when your blog is updated
  4. Alternatively, use ScrapeBox to post Trackback/pingback links. Although this method is old, this still works in some interesting ways to generate back links. Just load up all the websites/blogs of interest and fire away

For a more detailed tutorial refer to ScrapeBox Tutorial.

All in all, ScrapeBox is an invaluable tool in your arsenal. And, you don’t need to pay the full price for this tool. 



The Best ScrapeBox Discount

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From time to time, we see better discounts in WarriorForum, but don’t hold your breath for that. If you are about to buy ScrapeBox (and, that’s a right decision), you can search WarriorForums to check any running discounts. It brings down the price further by $5, and in some of the offers you get a few freebies to go with it.