Microsoft PowerPoint is the standard pot for presentation recipes for quite a long time. Though there have been alternatives (e.g. OpenOffice Impress, Google Docs Presentation), none offer the same breadth, depth or ease-of-use as PowerPoint. PowerPoint provides one of the  boring, but well accustomed ways to present information.
Like its Office siblings PowerPoint is rooted deep in the minds and hearts of the office goers and casual users alike. It is difficult to change that without good incentive.
Prezi has the potential to change all that.

Prezi is a good alternative to Powerpoint

An alternative that you can try today. Not only Prezi has a beautiful and fresh feel to it, it offers many features for today’s user. Prezi can work both through a browser alone, as a desktop application, and as an app on iPad/iPhone. This makes it easy to create and present, and you can get started with it real quick. prezi
To start with, Prezi has beautiful looking templates that are easy to work with. You get to easily create presentations in the time-tested manner, but make it really interesting. The frames provided to present the information can show the presentation with context and make it powerful through intuitive flows. For each template, you can apply themes that can change colours, fonts and the like to give it a more unique feel.
prezi templates
Though it supports the same-old bulleted lists, now you have the flexibility to go beyond that by adding animations that do not look tacky, add background music or YouTube videos
prezi video 

Prezi presentations can be worked upon by multiple people over the internet, and this platform can be used to share the presentation in real-time as well.

The free version of Prezi offers 100 MB of space, and all presentations are publicly viewable. For provide presentations and for more space, the upgrade starts from $5 a month. The desktop version starts from $13.25/mo, and is needed for any offline editing.

Where can I use Prezi?

As a web content author, you will certainly miss powerpoint slides on SlideShare (which is nicely linking back to your site). But there are a couple of exciting things that you can do.

  • Structure the casual information in your post in a downloadable, viewable presentation
  • Make the flow of information evident with distinct steps and sequencing of the reading material
  • Spice up the information with professional animation
  • Embed all this in your own site!

But wait, there is a catch..

As you would expect by now Prezi has its own proprietary format. Offline presentations can be downloaded as a Adobe Air application and that’s about it. Any online content you have included in the presentation will continue to require an internet connection.


In Conclusion

If you are looking at something going beyond PowerPoint, but with the smae usability, Prezi can be the answer today. Go ahead and try the free version!