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Latest Posts

Moving Away from LeanPub

LeanPub provides an easy and efficient way to create and publish your own books. While Amazon and its friends allow self-publishing, I was not quite taken to MS Word to write technical books. The whole flow of inserting images, code with special formats, and even...

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How to write an article in 15 minutes?

After my (ahem!) insanely popular post that guides you to write an article in one hour, I decided to do much more for a lot less. That was the remarkable idea to write a 400-500-word article in 15 minutes flat. Yep, you heard it right - 15 minutes. Definitely...

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5 reasons why technosanct is a failure is more than a year old. I was blogging on and off on technology, web and internet marketing topics earlier, but that was on and off. I hoped to change all that when I registered for But I did not quite succeed. My metrics for success...

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Using images the wrong way in your blog

Images and videos work really well for blog posts. To recount an old cliche - they can indeed save a lot of words by conveying the same information, but more effectively. Problems start small I was quite lazy with images when I started off. On some of my older blogs...

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The Niche Conundrum

So, you have decided to create a website and advertise your expertise online. You want to help people, but at the same time earn money on the side. You have a bit of experience in technology, you have some expertise in gardening, and know a thing or two about how to...

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3 easy ways to share data between phone and PC

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with people and the Internet. I often find myself browsing the Internet on my smart phone, and switching to PC while I need to test a program or get into more details. Addition of tablets to this mix made my world more...

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Free tool to copy entire websites

If you want to copy simple websites to your local computer, you're in luck. Although not very well-known HTTrack is a free and open source tool to do just that. The tool is quite easy to use.   How to get started with HTTrack? Download the program from HTTrack...

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5 fast and free ways to convert PDF to Word

PDF documents are valuable. You just convert your Word documents, text documents or even your images to PDF, and be assured that your signature in your work is retained forever. Or, is it? There are a number of utilities that can convert PDF into a Word document. Here...

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FileZilla connection issues after upgrade

I'm really careful about upgrades. My enterprise IT experience shouts at me each time I want to upgrade anything. Thankfully, consumer software is more resilient and provides an overall better upgrade experience. Nonetheless, it is better to be careful than sorry :)...

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