Why Content2Cash matters?

There is an explosion of sorts going on the internet.

Internet has proven itself as an effective marketing channel over and over again in the past decade. And this, folks, is just the beginning.

Millions of people are jumping on the internet bandwagon across the globe. They are looking forward to connect with other people, demonstrate expertise, sell their products and services, and make money in a thousand different ways.

All these people, and all the activities that they do on the web, have one thing in common – “content“. Content in the digital form may be:

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  • Articles listed in a blog post, review, etc.
  • Structured writing in the form of a presentation, document, eBook
  • Press releases and other formal ways of getting the news out
  • Music
  • Voice over for presentations, and video
  • Podcasts
  • Images, cartoons, paintings that speak a thousand words
  • Photographs
  • Videos



As you might expect, the written word makes the most of this content, is more prolific, and arguably, the most powerful. 

The written form of content is also the easiest to tackle with. Other forms take more time, patience, and of course a lot of talent and training. In Content2Cash (at least in the first part), we will deal with making money from all forms of written content.

Writing content is easy. Everyone of us have done this at one point or the other.

  • You have written your homework, research papers at school
  • You have put together your resume
  • You have written a short story that no one knows about
  • You have written emails that describe work, a product or a service
  • You have described how a product works, or how a service fares to friends
  • Some of you have also created presentations, written documents describing a product or service

By doing any of these tasks you are creating content. Formal content generation that generates cash is not a lot different. But, it does need a more structured approach so that other people feel compelled to read it through. 

At the very beginning everyone of us find it difficult to start writing for the web.

Not everyone will succeed from day one, and many struggle to move on to the next level. Not everyone is invested in the idea of creating content that is liked by everyone else. People have varying degrees of interests, different skill sets, encounter changing/different priorities, and even procrastinate. A significant portion of the people will just give up on their writing skills when they do not brilliantly succeed in the first few months.

All this works out to our advantage.

The people who do not want to create content themselves need to generate ideas, think about what they want to do on internet, and how they want to sell a thing or two. They leave the actual creation part to others who are more knowledgeable and creative. Content creation is effectively outsourced to professionals, who take great care in the end-to-end creation process quickly and efficiently.

That professional is YOU.

Content creation is not easy, but easy enough once you are past the basics. Money comes in fast when you get the basics right, are able to manage your work, and most importantly, be able to manage your customer relationships. You will learn all this and more in Content2Cash program.


What will you learn here?

During the course of the Content2Cash program you will learn what good content is, how to brainstorm ideas, and to create content yourself. You will also learn where to get resources needed to create good content, and about tools to create content.

Content2Cash will also teach you how you can get started with content arbitrage. It shows you to effectively connect the seekers of content with the right content creators, and bridge the big gap.

Content2Cash is also about managing the end-to-end content business. You will learn on how and where to sell yourself, how to keep track of business and customers, how to manage your time. You will see on how to look for effective outsourcing, and know your role as a responsible content middleman.

Further posts will take you through each one of the below topics.

  1. Basics of Content Creation
  2. Types of Content Projects
  3. Content Creation Process
  4. Creating Content the Right Way, Know the Tools of the Trade
  5. Content Outsourcing 101
  6. Set up your Content Creation Business
  7. Get Work
  8. Manage your Content Creation Business, Know the Tools of the Trade
  9. Further References, Closing Comments

Do not get overwhelmed by what you see here. It is quite easy to follow, and take action. The program is quite effective as well, otherwise I will not be telling you to follow in my footsteps.