Internet marketing is an interesting phenomenon. Here’s a domain where you are trying to get mind share and wallet share in front of millions, without ever leaving your room (well, potentially). You do this following a set of processes, methods, and studying human behaviour on the world of web.

Sometimes, it is easy to do all this even knowing little about the core domain itself. I am aware of that you don’t need to be a mechanic to sell a car, but here you may not even know whether the car has wheels. Still you can make up a story out of how the car has the potential to perform in the next NASCAR race. You do that by studying hard about what NASCAR is and how your car relates to it – even without the wheels.

The world of IM becomes more interesting when dealing with digital products. Especially the products that enable you to sell other products, or get you a competitive edge in your internet marketing efforts. Keyword Advantage is one such product that I came across recently.

Before going through my opinion about the tool, know this – Keyword Advantage may be quite old, and may even be a successful product. All that is expressed here is my personal opinion about stuff, and that may not mean much.


Keyword Advantage Review

Well, this is not really a review. I just wanted to get that H1 keyword out there to see what comes out of it (potentially nothing!).

So, I recently saw some hundred marketers and one of their dogs coo about Keyword Advantage. Since most of the things I write here are for myself, I decided to make notes on how keyword research can be easier done with this new shiny tool.

I was not disappointed. Not only the tool does not look good, but it does a lousy task of keyword research.

See it in action if you must.

Most of us understand that the process of finding right keyword, after you short list a few innovative keywords, is not that different. You just go to the keyword research tool in Google, and type/export away to glory.

Or, you man up and buy a keyword research tool.

Although you remain the brain behind the tool and chart out the path to making effective keyword research, the tool does go a long way in reducing your work. You get more things done in lesser time, you do things efficiently. 

Now, let’s take Keyword Advantage. It says on the tin that you can use this to “unearth thousands of money keywords in seconds for any niche”.

Keyword Advantage promises to get keywords that have:

  • High high keyword demand (a different term used to indicate search volume)
  • Low keyword competition
  • High keyword buyer propensity

keyword advantage review

Under the hood, Keyword Advantage appears to be a flash-based tool that is tightly integrated into a browser. As in many keyword research tools this ties back into the Adwords keyword database for all analyses.


What works for Keyword Advantage?

Keyword research is one of the difficult things for newbie internet marketers to understand. Any new tool  that promises to solve this problem with one click is watched. Further –

  1. Budding internet marketers are always looking for new tools to get their job done. New processes that are shortcuts, and instant tickets to success. Although I am yet to hear this, it makes good marketing story and marketers get marketed stuff. That is inevitable.
  2. New tools uncover opportunities to dump something on my unsuspecting readers. Especially if that means more money for myself
  3. Even if I know nothing about keyword research, I can still tell you to buy this software and become a millionaire by finding out all the keywords that there are to find


So, this does the same work that thousands of other tools do. What’s different? Why did I isolate this tool?

For one, I am just bored. I failed spectacularly in one of my recent assignments, and since I am not going anywhere fast, I decided to look around the world. And, the world is not a beautiful place all the time.

Second, the UI and process in the Tool was horrible. The functions implemented are so hapazard that you get a bit scared while watching the video. Remember that the video is supposed to showcase the good bits, and the tool does not come out on top with what is showcased. 


Why Keyword Advantage is not excellent?

I am not a good keyword researcher. But I can tell you with 100% confidence that this is a tool made only to get more money for the marketers.

Why? Read on –

  • The tool does not offer a good user experience
    In the video you will see that you have to switch to the actual, free to use Google Keyword Planner to type in keywords, get volumes, and see CPC. The tool did not quite build through APIs for the most basic functions, but for some strange reason does this only later. 
  • Absolutely no value-add in terms of functionality.
    The tool imports keywords from Keyword Planner, displays the same data as in Keyword Planner
  • Numbers and colors don’t mean anything
    Keyword Advantage adds some magical numbers to denote keyword value that may mean anything. But a few formulae that show a different number (most likely a ratio), and different colour will not do justice to the $29+ charged for the tool. 
    For example, see the below diagram that showcases the “backbone of Keyword Advantage”.

    keyword advantage review scam find useless keywords

    PR is really old, and may not mean anything today.  You will see a lot of PR0, PR1 sites on the first page of Google results, but they are incredibly hard to beat.

  • All the things that are considered “marketing savvy” are in evidence:
    • Create artificial scarcity
    • A solid sales funnel that can try sell you more products after you buy the product
    • Numerous affiliate marketing promotions and promoters

The market for IM tools is huge and supposedly there is a place for everyone. But, these kind of tools are intended to make more money by sheer marketing prowess, and have nothing to prove for themselves.


In Conclusion

Try Keyword Advantage, and find out by yourself.

The sales page looks much better than the tool.