Internet marketing has been a hot topic for quite sometime now. In fact, there are so many people talking about it and excelling in it, that we are being asked whether the field is saturated.

If all there was to do in Internet Marketing (IM) is already done, will newbies even stand a chance?

Will they be embraced by internet marketing with open arms as was the case for more than a decade now? Will they be able to swim along with, or against the tide to become a successful marketer?

Will you find the confidence in yourself to make money in a field dominated by too many “experts”?

The answer to all these and other such questions is straight forward – Absolutely, and a resounding YES.

Folks, please get this – IM is new in the overall scheme of things. And, it is bound to explode in ways that we cannot (or will not) even imagine today.

  •  There is a vast untapped market. The fastest growing populations in the World – India and China do not figure high on the internet marketing hit list.  Agreed that they do not see the same buying power as that of the US or other developed countries, but that is a lot of pennies to be made. As long as there are people who are willing to buy, there are opportunities to make money. 
    world population tagcloud

    courtesy: wikipedia

  • Internet penetration is <20% in developing countries, and hovers at 70-80% in developed countries. More people = more buyers.

    Internet is a global phenomenon. It makes absolute sense to sell in the developed countries which are a big consumer today.
    The focus of the business can shift from one corner of the world to the next, without batting an eyelid.
    I live in India, and I can tell you this – the way shopping over the internet happens has completely changed in the last 5 years.

    There is more trust, and people recognize the significant advantages internet brings to the table. And, we expect a further revolution when Amazon starts selling on their own (today they are just re-sellers in India, don’t ask) 

    internet penetration around the world

    courtesy: wikipedia

  • Marketing itself is undergoing a rapid change. The way marketing is done has changed, and will continue in that path.
    The next-gen marketing capabilities focus on being effective across channels, and guess what – internet is a major stakeholder there. Internet as a medium enables better buying and targeted selling, thereby benefiting both parties in the game.
    The changes provide newer opportunities for people to succeed. It may undergo rapid transformation, but not extinction.
  • Predictions are thick about the future of internet marketing. But surprise, everyone is predicting a rosy picture. Surely some of the smartest people out there cannot be wrong


So, IM is alive and kicking, and will stay that way (thank you very much). 


If you are smart (which you are, since you read my blog :)), you look at what you really want as a consumer. 

  • Do you love screaming sales pages that are more professionally made than the product itself?
  • Or, the rehashed products disguised as new?
  • Or, a new instant money system that does not see a penny?

Certainly you don’t.

Put yourself in the customer shoes. It is not that difficult since we buy products ourselves, and get marketed to – all the time. 

What we want is a cleaner approach to buying and selling. We appreciate a simple, honest write-up of what the product or service is about. The marketer can make it all compelling as it needs to be, but not laced with empty claims that are impossible to deliver. 


Do not, ever, over-promise and under-deliver.


That transformation, is the future of internet marketing. Not saturation.