Over the years I have purchased products through affiliate links. I have been and am thankful for a few dozens of people who had taken pains to explain how a product is good, how does it compare to peers, and who is the right audience for the product.

This blog also has affiliate links. I may have endorsed things elsewhere that I may not be particularly proud of, but I make sure of a couple of things –

  • I make an effort to learn about the products that I endorse
  • I do a cost/benefit analysis of what others have to offer
  • I try to tell people about what they are going to get

I believe that decency can give me a good night’s sleep, if nothing else. However, that is not to say I am super proud of 100% of the things I have done in the past.

In addition, I generally tend to think that readers who get to the blog/ website/ review are not the typical people who invest in the Central Nigerian Bank to transfer $500M to their account. Well, nothing wrong with “those” chaps – but we will assume a certain degree of competence. Let’s face it – almost everyone is seeking additional information and reading reviews.

Getting to the point

So, it was with some premonition, later followed by surprise, that I came across blog posts like these..

  • Establish a super Shopify store: https://www.bloggersideas.com/ecom-turbo-review-with-coupon-code/
  • Sing like Christina while creating the store: https://www.bloggersideas.com/christina-aguilera-masterclass_review/
  • How about some poker to relax while singing and creating a store: https://www.bloggersideas.com/daniel-negreanu-masterclass-review/

My first thought: did I not get the sarcasm hidden somewhere?

Second thought: am I missing something here? Afterall, BloggerIdeas seems to be one of the highest traffic garnering sites in India.

So.. that brings to my third thought – am I entitled to an opinion and comment provided I have poor performing blogs (plural) that may have less-than-glorious content in the first place? Of course, this aside from the fact that I am wasting words, your time, and the original blogger’s effort in the process. (Note that I did not mention about my effort and time – that’s well spent on blogging thesis that benefits no one).


Further on..

The said posts take you through the usual “master class” features, fill up words on the creators, and run through the whole process with as much excitement as a sloth on a rainy day.

From an SEO perspective, that may hit the sweet spot – images, pages of content to go through, keywords sprinkled in for effect, and the scroll-wheel worn out by all the action. Though I don’t see how Google makes sense of a bunch of seemingly unrelated topics. And, I can’t believe how people believe a highlight reel of a particular product or service.

So, that possibly could serve well as a landing page for a paid ad? In which case where I would rather do just fine using a slim site with just the landing page and a bunch of related posts/links pointing to related external sites. And where my name is forever not associated with the kind of content I churn out.

Or may be – the authors are just collecting all topics of interest to a blogger of any genre – music, shopping, therapy, or whatever content that whatever bat-shit crazy people are creating a master class for.

Whatever may be the reason: I am surprised at the uniqueness of the human entity.

  1. For the authors who write the content and stand by them
  2. For the people who buy into this kind of message
  3. For idiots like me who feel rather awkward for everyone else related to the posts and do a pathetic attempt to put that in words

I am not targeting a specific blog – that’s the reason this post was in my drafts till 2020 while the posts mentioned above (and not linked) were published last year. I hope you see a lesson somewhere there on how and what you post on your own blogs and websites.

Lessons for me

  • Think before you post (I can spectacularly fail in this aspect to this day)
  • Don’t be afraid to delete content