Themes are the most powerful ways to make your website powerful. I cannot write enough on how a professional looks impact the way the audience perceives your blog and your work.
Themes are dime-a-dozen in WordPress. Google throws you 107,000,000 search results for “free WordPress themes”. The free themes on is a good place to start, but one can quickly reach a breaking point while searching for good WordPress themes. So, you start depending on websites and the good nature of other bloggers (like myself 🙂 ) to advice here.
And, this is one of the best theme advice for 2013/2014. Hueman is a beautiful, free WordPress theme that you can use for your magazine-style blog. Before I elaborate, I need to go to flash-back.

A flash-back 🙂

I have a WordPress site that had been sitting quietly on one of the older themes. It was not a looker but could satisfy my need for simplicity, no-code approach for customization, and did not get in my way most of the times.
But as it stands, and as it happens with most free themes, it was not exciting. I had been on the lookout for options to change the look and feel of the website for quite some time. While gets preferential treatment with more expensive options, that poor blog had to improve popularity based on the aforementioned theme.

I find Hueman

My search took me to a few better known themes. But I have not been having a lot of spare cash recently, so my plan had been to use a free base theme and customize that to suit my needs. Of course, that is going to take a long time. And, of course, Hueman came along and spoiled that plan.
Hueman is a beautiful theme by Alexander Agnarson.
Hueman is completely free, released under GPLv3, but will cost you hugs.
Yes, you saw that right.
Hueman is simple to configure and use, but really powerful.
  • The theme is responsive
  • Layouts and other UI customization options are fantastic
  • Enables following your blog, or sharing of posts on social media with mere clicks
  • Hueman is fast. With this theme and a couple of other improvements, my website is hovering around a YSLOW score of 88-90

Comprehensive list of features of Hueman WordPress theme

100% High resolution

Awesome sharpness on retina screens and other high-resolution devices. No compromise anywhere.

Extensive styling options

Unlimited primary and secondary accent colours. Change topbar, header, footer and body background in seconds.

Ultra responsive

This theme will scale down beautifully from a full HD resolution down to a low-resolution mobile phone.

Flexible layout options

Set 0-2 sidebars to the left, right or one on each side. Every page, post and also standard WP sections can be unique.

Toggle fixed-width sidebars

The primary sidebar is always kept at a neat 300px. The secondary is 220px. Both are always rendered after the content in the code, no matter layout.

0-4 Footer widget columns

Use anything from no footer widgets all the way up to 4 columns. A personal favourite is 3 columns for good space on all devices.

Almost zero images

With Font Awesome, CSS and a modern flat look, this theme manages to load only 1-3 images total for the whole layout, depending on layout choice.

Integrated share counts

Sharrre is included which gives you high-res share buttons and counts for each article. Not a fan of social media? Just disable them.

Set the website max-width

You choose how wide you want your website to be via the admin panel. With a neat numeric slider, it’s one click away. 1024px > 1600px.

Related posts & post nav

Motivate your readers to explore more articles on your website with related posts and links to previous and next article.

Unlimited widget areas

There is no limit to how many widget sidebars you can create. Each widget area can be assigned to a unique page, post or standard WP sections.

Featured story or slider

Show your most recent post in large size on the front page, or select a featured category to pick stories from. 0-10 featured articles can be shown.

Post formats

Easily show video, audio, image, gallery slider, status messages, links and more. All 10 formats supported.

Social links

Easily add your own social links to your header and footer. Use any of 370 icons. Set a unique colour for each if you want.

Font selection

Choose from a list of some good-looking fonts supplied via Google Fonts. Latin Extended and Cyrillic options included.

Boxed layout

Want a boxed layout style instead of full-width? It’s one click away in the styling options.

Go ahead, see a demo and check whether it works for you.
You can download Hueman for free. Hueman is available on site as well, but that version does not have social media buttons to share posts.