KISSMetrics is a site that enables you to know about your visitors in a way that is not possible by Google Analytics alone. The site seems well organized, has multiple clear calls-to-action, and is engaging to say the least. 

kissmetrics audit

The founders Neil Patel and Hiten Shah are well known names in the industry. Neil Patel writes for several well known blogs and magazines, including on Moz. Neil is safely considered one of the leaders for SEO.

So, what happens when the website promoted by several well known names gets itself audited (involuntarily)? 

Well, some surprises tumble out but are on expected lines for the most part. Okdork recently published an audit of KISSMetrics site by Eli Overbey. In what appear to be a hastily put together elaborate post, the author explains all that he has done in the form of audit on KISSMetrics.

In summary –

  • KISSMetrics has 4000+ pages across 11 domains/sub domains. For such a big website, it does a ok job for SEO. But if you consider the fact that the promoters are SEO experts we would have expected a better job from the site (this is not to say that the promoters are going through SEO for each one of their sites)
    • A simple http/https content duplication could be easily avoided
    • For a website with ~2000 paying customers, they could surely improve their speed
    • More than few articles have title length exceeding what is shown in SERPs
  • KISSMetrics allows guest bloggers, but they might as well easily repost the same content elsewhere since there are no terms that prevent them from doing that
  • Images are not search engine friendly, same is the case with few URLs

With 1000s of followers and topics related to SEO, KISSMetrics could have done better. But then, with the engaging content they write  and with the non-search engine traffic (led by Pinterest) any incremental improvements probably will probably not make themselves felt.

The author Eli has taken great pains to go through and outline both the positives and negatives. At places he does appear to play by the book but he manages to explain his assumptions and facts through. 

The post is a must read for all people who are even remotely interested in SEO. Head over to Okdork.