Can you remember how many times you see a website, and cannot get it out of your mind?

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Can you remember how many times you want to desperately copy the theme of a WordPress website, and you have never been able to?

Do you remember the image, colour combination and font that you have tried to achieve multiple times, even after hours of playing around with CSS?

How many times you have been excited about a specific website, only to find out 15 seconds later that it was made with a custom theme?

Or, how many times you have put off making your website more beautiful because you cannot afford custom design that day?

It has happened to me – numerous times.

My answer has been to use clone WordPress themes (e.g. PinterestClipboard-Pinterest-Inspired-Wordpress-Theme clone, YouTube inspired etc.), or find the nearest alternative.

To this day I have unfinished projects since I lost interest with the technical changes I needed to make on them. I am not exactly an average Joe when it comes to dabbling with the web development elements, but no web developer either. I do understand the intricacies and difficulties in getting the web page design right.

So, it was with some scepticism that I started looking at ThemeMatcher’s claims.


What is ThemeMatcher?

ThemeMatcher helps you get all the UI elements of any website. 

 It is as simple as 1, 2 and 3.


1. Go to, enter the URL of the website that you want the theme from

themematcher review copy any wordpress site select website


2. Select content and sidebar areas on the website preview generated by ThemeMatcher

themematcher copy any website look & feel

 The recommendation is to start with the inner most content area, and hit the “+” button until you have covered all the content areas. 

Do the same for side bar areas.


3. Preview, Pay and Download your theme

themematcher download wordpress custom theme


You can download the theme instantly, and I was amazed to see the similarity of the new site with the site I choose to clone.

Everything is copied over – colour and font used in the website, images/logos, menu options, and a host of other things. No more going into the nitty-gritties to get the details from CSS, or do tricky coding :). ThemeMatcher works for most of the websites. Try out yourself to check out the results.

If you have not noted so far – ThemeMatcher does NOT require the source website to also be on WordPress. This is one more big advantage of ThemeMatcher – you can convert an ordinary HTML website into full fledged WordPress theme that is fully-install ready. There are no additional costs for doing that. What can you think of next?

What next? Since ThemeMatcher gives a ready-made custom theme, you can just apply the theme in your own WordPress site like any other theme. 

There is nothing delightful about the code generated by ThemeMatcher, but more importantly there are no issues that popped out at me.



I would have been delighted to try out on multiple sites – except for the budget I had.

The Standard version comes at $47, while Professional version is $67. It is not cheap as compared to the run-off-the-mill themes you can pick from the market. 

themematcher review convert HTML site to WordPress for free

If you have the budget select Professional. It gives you two big advantages – 

  1. You can get the ThemeMatcher team to help out on any additional CSS hacks you can think of
  2. You can also use the purchase for theme revisions. If your favorite site undergoes a killer design change immediately after you seemed to get it right, would you not want to go back and change too!?


Where and when to use ThemeMatcher?

If you absolutely love a website but don’t have the money to pay a professional developer, ThemeMatcher is the way to go. You can use ThemeMatcher to get the entire theme from your favourite site, and personalise the theme to your own tastes.

Do not use ThemeMatcher to blatantly copy over the theme, and use it as-is. You are going to infuriate someone who has put in lot of hard work, or even paid hundreds of dollars to get that perfect look for the website.

At the same time, remember no code generator is perfect. ThemeMatcher cannot work magic for all the websites out there. There may be cosmetic changes that it does not catch, and may need your loving care to get it right.

If you have paid them and did not like the look of the cloned theme, just go ahead and claim refund. ThemeMatcher has a full 6-day refund period where you get the entire money back if you are not satisfied.

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