ClickBank is a great place to be in if you have anything to do with affiliate marketing. ClickBank is a trusted platform for sellers, and buyers of everything that is sellable over internet. For the digital entrepreneur ClickBank offers a powerful platform to offer digital products, and recruit an affiliate army that is ready to sell for you.

If you are ready to make money selling products that hold promise, ClickBank is the place to be. With almost no entry barrier, it welcomes anyone into its fold.


ClickBank vs. Other Affiliate Programs

Did I hear you ask why ClickBank is so different from other affiliate programs? Here’s a rundown of why ClickBank rocks..

  • ClickBank has proven itself over and over again. There are thousands of people creating new products, thousands more trying to sell them to any soul in universe who cares to listen
  • ClickBank has earned the trust of both the seller, and buyer. And, that is the most important thing to serve as an affiliate marketing platform
  • As a seller –
    • You have complete control on the way you sell
    • You get to decide your own affiliate commission rates – from 25% to 75%
    • You get all valuable contact information from buyer that can be used to cross-sell or up-sell products in future
    • Finally, you pay for results – not clicks
  • As an affiliate –
    • You choose the niche, you choose the products you want to sell
    • You get paid on time
    • You have the opportunity to earn recurring commissions
    • You can choose your own up-sell offers
    • You can partner with others within the platform
  •  And, as a buyer –
    • You have a simple, fast and secure way to buy products
    • You can trust ClickBank to get money refunded if you are not satisfied with the product

Let’s get started, shall we?


Get Started on ClickBank as Affiliate

ClickBank offers one of the easiest ways to get started.

Just head over to the Sign up page on ClickBank. Provide the required details, hit “Submit Account Registration” button to be done with it. Your id will become your ClickBank unique identifier. So, pay attention and don’t create your affiliate id as “MonkeyMoney”.

Now that you are in, you can create as many products as you want. You also have access to many, many products that you can sell.

Navigate ClickBank

Before you go create the products spend a month or two analysing what products sell, and what don’t. Even if you are a brilliant product creator it pays to know how the downstream marketing works. What better way to know this other than doing the stuff yourself?

See the navigation at the top? Head over to “Marketplace”.


ClickBank Marketplace


The products are categorized and listed here. The navigation is pretty intuitive, go ahead and try it. All you have to do now is get those products that you think will make some money – for you!


Choose products that you want to sell

ClickBank has numerous products to count. It may not be a good use of your time to count all of them. Instead you pick and choose products that sell by themselves. But first..


Choose the category, or niche

Choose a topic that your website/blog is about, or the niche that you are trying to sell in.

Just don’t choose money making niche as your first niche. Found in e-Business/e-Marketing and in Business/Investing category, these products offer some tough competition. I am not saying this because I am in the same niche (yeah, right). Unless you know what you are doing, you will be wandering around for too long. 

It is easier to get started on some other popular category. For example Games, Health and Fitness, Green Products. These are ever green niches that never go out of fashion, or in their ability to make money. Once you are comfortable with how the entire thing works, you are then more than welcome to join the money making niche 🙂

There is nothing else to selecting categories. Move on to the more interesting parts – choose a product that you want to promote.


get started as clickbank affiliate easy guide


Clicking on the niche takes you to the Products in that niche. Familiarize yourself with this screen. You will use those filter criteria on steroids.

Once you have selected a product you are going to offer your unconditional love for quite sometime. (Did that make it weird?) Be careful about which product you select because you are going to spend some time with the product trying to make money.


Take a break, and a deep breath here.


You have to know how to select profitable products to sell from ClickBank. But, before that..

Know your audience

Before you start your pitch, check what exactly what kind of readers you have, or the readers you are targeting. What is it that your readers interested in? 

know your audience get started as clickbank affiliate

src: Yahoo Voices

Ask yourself some hard questions..

  1. What are the problems faced by the people in this niche? For example, are gardeners interested in getting rid of slugs, are fitness enthusiasts interested in loosing weight naturally. Google for forums where people in the niche hang out. Listen to them, their problems, their solutions and their life. Come back to ClickBank to find a product that they would potentially love to buy.
  2. Do people really want to pay money to solve their problem? If gardeners already know that copper tapes are effective in getting rid of slugs, they would not want to buy a shiny new solution.
  3. Are you trying to sell products to people who can be potential ClickBank affiliate themselves? 
    This is possible, but you have a hard task in front of you. You see there is this tiny problem with ClickBank – it allows you to buy products through their own affiliate links. If you can buy products and get affiliate commissions that discount the price of the product, why the heck will you buy from someone else’s link?
    This is also one of the reasons why you may want to stay away from “make money” niche. These guys here are affiliates of all the popular selling platforms out there. You may get some business from people who are starting up, but why bother when there are other niches waiting for you?

You now now all the hard questions and the harder answers. It is time to choose them products. There are two methods to select products that people want to buy.


Start from Keywords

Research keywords that are being searched in a niche.

Not a hard job.. really. Except that I had been sitting alone with my websites for quite a long time since I screwed up to begin with. Don’t be that person. Learn from my keyword research mistakes.

Anyhow, you know how keyword research goes. Just start with keywords for topics/niche you are interested in. Check search volumes, PPC, competition just like “normal” keyword analysis.

Identify the product that fits the bill. Don’t find one that is a perfect match? Just go back and make some variations. ClickBank is so large that you should find the products sooner, or later.

Build content with targeted long tail, related keywords, and refer back the main keyword in your posts. Just don’t forget to use different anchor text that is considered acceptable for the day.


Start from Products

You have selected the niche. You are looking at ClickBank where thousands of marketers are flocking to tens of products in the chosen niche. So, which product do you want to choose?

In ClickBank, there is this thing called “gravity”. Gravity shows you how popular the product is. Any product starts with the weakest gravity and raises above as it becomes a hit. If you are a new marketer, what would be your natural course of action? Select the most successful product and you can never go wrong, right?

Wrong! Ha, I was just trying to bamboozle you into something useless.

Don’t consider gravity.

It turns out that popular products may not sell much for you. And, that is because they have already become popular – all marketers, their readers, and their pets know about them. You have a sellable product, but unfortunately you are late to the game.

Don’t despair yet, you have thousands of other products that are in their prime. Follow a structured approach to identify a new product that is the right fit for you –

  • The product should be a good one.
    You can try this yourself. Just email the product creators / marketers that you are a successful affiliate. A couple of ways in which you promote, and how you have done till recently will help.
    Always, try the product yourself before recommending to others. Not only that lends credibility to your claim, but you are much better prepared when people ask questions, or want to clear a few doubts.
  • Gravity < 50
    I typically look for gravity < 50 since good products can become popular quickly. More gravity = more popularity. But, unfortunately everyone has already tried and got tired of that most popular product. Products that are new to the market stand a chance there.
  • Has a good sales page
    Sales page (the page that you go to when you click on the Product in ClickBank, or when you click on your affiliate link) MUST be professionally made. You will know a good sales page when you see one.
    If you are starting up, just ask yourself “Will I buy this product if I am a customer and land on this page?”.
  • Vendor/product creator has a good reputation, is responsive
    You, or the customers will contact vendor at one time or the other. Bad service negatively impacts not only the product sales, but also your credibility. You want people to place their trust in you.
  • Product is substantial for you to describe to someone else
    You should have something to say about what the product offers. For example if you just tell your potential customers that the product “gives them all survey sources” (I did this!), they may just look for sources on the Internet.
  • No tall claims
    If the ClickBank product promises too much, too soon, stay away. Buyers are smart. And even if they are not they would want a refund once they see through the product claims.
  • No discounts that look just wrong
    After you have seen enough sales pages, deep discounts looks silly to say the least. Discounts should be “just enough”. A 99% discount shouts that something is wrong somewhere
  • No urgency claims that are unlikely to happen
    Marketers love this, but rest of the mortals don’t. “Get XXX before the price increases in 24 hours”, “Buy me before your dog does, and becomes richer than you” – yeah, you just know why not to buy them then and there.
  • Popups are evil
    This is another tactic that even respected marketers use. Popups may be as simple as “enter email to subscribe”, or it could be “Wait, I will throw you a discount” when reader clicks the “Close” button. These are deceptive marketing tactics, and I sure will not be a happy customer when I learn this.
    You should pay attention because unhappy customers want refunds, or may not extend their subscriptions.
  • Affiliate commissions
    You are working towards promoting the products, so make sure you get compensated well enough. Obviously you will put in more work to promote a product that gets you $10 per month, as compared to a product that gets $4 one-time.

Apply all these factors and some common sense to get the product you want to sell. It is important to select that “one” product to begin with. 

Still with me? Let’s move on to the next step.. 


Review ClickBank Product

Now that you have selected the product, how do you know it actually does what it says on the tin?

Simple, really. You will roll-up your sleeves and get to work. You will review the product 

get started on ClickBank affiliate program review products


You will obviously need to procure the product for your reviews. One way is to buy those products. You are a person with deep pockets if you do that. You may as well outsource the product review on iWriter!

Or, you just get in touch with the product creator. Tell her you are a successful marketer, and is looking forward to promote the product. I just use a simple email template to do this..

[feature_box style=”20″ only_advanced=”There are no title options for the choosen style” alignment=”center”]

< Subject: Successful marketer in ABC niche. Willing to promote XYZ at ClickBank >

Hello there,

I have a long history in promoting successful products in ABC niche. You can sample my work at

I am good at article marketing, and can create some positive noise on my website and social media. I have a list of 1000 members active to this day.

I have done a thorough analysis of your product ABC at ClickBank, and find it awesome to say the least. I am willing to promote this product through my website, list and through social media. 

Could you please provide a review copy so that I can test the product *before* I recommend it to my readers? Rest assured I am going to leave a honest review. 

Looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.




Don’t worry if you don’t have your own work to boast about. You can create your first review by choosing a successful product that has been in ClickBank already. Just Google for the product reviews, and you will get a bunch of ideas on how the product behaves.

The above tactic works most of the times, and you will get sufficient materials to create a product review. But, there will be times when the product owners are just not interested. In that case you have two options:

  • Trust third party research (Google is your friend), check the product sales page, check the affiliate page and write about the product. 
    Many product creators provide content for blog posts, email swipes, videos, images and banners to help you sell their products. Just mix and match everything to your liking. 
    While you can create great reviews through this method, *you* will not be sure about what exactly you are selling. You will loose your audience if the product is a dud.
  • Move on to the next product where the seller is interested in your promotion

I was doing more of the former when I was new. Now, I can afford to move on to the next big thing rather than risk my reputation.


Conclusion and Next Steps

You have learnt how to get started with ClickBank and choose profitable products that give you a fair chance to succeed. Next up you will see how to promote ClickBank products.