Have you wondered on how some real bad pages (not the ones you see here, but *real* bad) have many likes/tweets/fans/followers? Have you been disillusioned by the fact that crappy pages get more traffic while your beautiful site doesn’t get any? 

dislike get likes for blog

Fear not! What you think is right.

The likes et. al. border on shady and black hat techniques. They show a Mr. Hyde face of a certain Dr.Jekyll, who is more bad-ass than you think. The people are not really followers or likers, they are just zombies.

Now you are thinking how to get hold of these zombies to help you, or become one yourself? Again, I have the answers. Look at the two easy ways and one not-so-easy way to do this:


1. AddMeFast!

AddMeFast is doing nothing illegal. You can call them a social service to bookmark, share and like pages, and in general spread love. The problem – the more you pay, the more popular you become.

AddMeFast Just look at the banner below, and tell me you aren’t hypnotised.


The premise on which it works is simple. You create a id, log in, and provide your pages and sites that need love. Zombies are going to like it, and go all crazy – you award them by points whenever that happens.

Of course, you do not have infinite points to give away. You can buy points (1500 points cost ~$10, and there are other packages too), and try to become more popular than you could imagine. 

Or, you have an option to become a zombie yourself.


Be prepared to like, tweet, share, visit, butcher pages, and earn points on the way. You can now give back those points to the zombie community in hope of becoming even more popular. 

How many likes does a man need?

— technosanct [with apologies to Mr. Leo Tolstoy]

And, the cycle continues.


2. Buy likes, Get likes

If the first point made you think about the shady world of likes, I cannot blame you. The natural progression from that thinking is to remove the zombie.

What if all the sharing was made pretty. You just need to pass on the money, and someone will pass on the love.

Well, that is what buying likes is about. You can buy likes, shares, testimonials, and cute bunnies [sorry, I was told you cannot buy this online. PETA has issues with this]. You name the site, and you will get the likes.

Just remember that this is completely black hat. Remember to wear a mask while paying for the likes (just in case). I cannot pass you the source of thousands of likes on my pages, so I will respectfully redirect you to blackhatworld.


3. Write your own bot

If you looked at the above two points, and decided to shortcut the zombies and the money, I cannot blame you. As I said earlier, this is the natural progression to the next level.

Here you just write a bot to get you all the likes you need in this world (and probably, the next). A bot is a software robot that plays the role of a zombie.

You can:

  • Use AutoIt!, or any other scripts to automate Windows programs, and pray that the web world plays fair
  • Use many of the bots available from amateur programmers and script kiddies (again, respectfully referring to blackhatworld – see above)
  • Get a bot writing software
    • Ubot
      Ubot is one of the programs that can a lot of stuff on the internet. And, who else other than blog owners and internet marketers can claim of using it 100%? [clue: no one]. Ubot has its own scripting language, but creating any script is more of a drag and drop affair.
    • ZennoPoster is another program that (quite literally) fights with UBot for market domination of bot creation. 
  • Get down and dirty. All it takes is perl, c++, JavaScript, or any language


What do you the pay for love concept? How much are you willing to spend for 100 likes?