You have a wonderful idea.

You know what exactly your users need, and are fired up to supply it to them.

And, become famous on the way.

But, there is a problem. You just don’t know what to call yourself.

You could take the easy way out – use your name, use your dog’s name, or just have the keyword as the name of the brand. If you are lucky and your business is not a commodity, you could find your domain name available in all the suffixes that there are.

But then, most of us are not lucky. And, we tend to spend more than a few days scratching our heads on the “ultimate name” that help people identify the brand, remember us, and don’t feel silly recommending it to others.

If you are one of them, help has been there for quite sometime. That is called Bust A Name.

bustaname locate best domain names for your site

The process now becomes as easy as saying 1-2-3..

1. Type in few words that are of interest

2. Form groups of keywords so that those words are not combined

3. Select one of the many brandable names, and buy the domain with one click

You could also find good synonyms of the words you have put in and identify even more domains in the process.

brand search and domain search combined in one tool

Although there are many tools (including the GoDaddy Domain Locator), there are very few that provide innovative names from the combination of keywords.