If you want to copy simple websites to your local computer, you’re in luck.

Although not very well-known HTTrack is a free and open source tool to do just that. The tool is quite easy to use.


How to get started with HTTrack?

Download the program from HTTrack website.

The website looks to have jumped straight from the 90’s, but the program is kept well updated (last update was in July 2014 at the time of writing this post).

HTTrack copy simple websites and salespages

HTTrack is supported both on Linux, and Windows.

Once installed open HTTrack.

Copy whole website into local computer

Either enter your own values, or accept custom values, and click next.

Copy blog

Enter the URL of the website that you need to copy – this may be a subdomain as well.

Next click on the “Set options” tutton to specify parameters for your website copy task. Among others this includes –

  1. Number of connections to be made to the server
  2. Whether external videos and images need to be copied over
  3. Any proxy that the program has to use to connect to the website

Once done, click on next to start the copy process.

Mirror website local computer

Depending on your Internet speed and the size of the website.

You can follow through the same process at a later point in time to get updates made to the website since the last run.

HTTCopy is targeted at websites that have static pages. The program can copy over all image files, video files, icons, and HTML pages from the source website. However, it cannot get the database used by the website.

However, it does mirror the webpages that it can find on the source site. HTTrack is well-suited to copy single page websites, sales pages and other such sites.

Once the files are copied over, you can locate the website directory in your local disk. Just double-click on index.HTML (or a corresponding starter page) to view all the webpages copied from the source.