There are two primary things that bloggers, old and new, struggle with.

  1. Create content
  2. Share content

The problem of creating new, shareable content has been addressed in many forums. While it remains a big problem for a blogger to ideate, find out what’s hot/selling in the market, and create some content – it is something that a blogger learns along the way. There is only so much that you can optimise in this process.

On the other hand advertising the content is a beast that can has seemingly insatiable hunger, and constrained by time.

Moving on to the next big thing – let’s have a look at what exactly you can do as a blogger to promote your content –

  1. Relay your content in various social media platforms
  2. Provide in-context conversation material with your existing and older content on social media, forums and in one-to-one emails
  3. Network with your peers, fans and authority figures
  4. Find promotional opportunities on other blogs, and websites


Typically you get all this done by –

  • becoming a member in tens of forums
  • monitoring for blog posts from your peers, fans and authority sites
  • following the topic on social media platforms
  • keeping track of emails and other miscellaneous form of communication with the user group

Of course all these work. But if you’re looking at optimising your trying for distributing and promoting content, this may not be the most effective way of getting things done.

The solution: Blog Engage.


Is Blog Engage useful to me?

Blog Engage is a platform that enables all your content promotion needs.

blogengage save time promoting blog content

The first and foremost objective of Blog Engage is to get your content and message out there. Whenever you publish new articles to your blog, there are a couple of things that happen:

  1. Your blog post is automatically relayed to connected social media platforms
  2. Your post is published to hundreds/thousands of users and bloggers following the same topic
  3. You get an opportunity to receive feedback (candid or public) on your opinion, expertise and writing style
  4. You tend to get hundreds of new ideas from the feedback that you receive and the numerous conversations that you would have with other bloggers


The very act of publishing the post will result in a lot of exposure to what you have to say. It also reinforces a positive feedback loop that shows you areas of your expertise and improvement, and acts as a trigger for engaging the audience on the same topic with additional/enhanced materials.

Not to mention all the traffic of deeply involved people to your blog!


For new bloggers this is a Godsend. There will be no more talking to empty chairs and benches. Whatever you write/talk will be listened by an audience that is enthusiastic enough to respond with flowers and brickbats!

Imagine the time that you would have saved by automating all this hard work. Isn’t that worth a few bucks per month? Yes, of course. Blog Engage does cost money.

Pricing plans start at £4.99 And go all the way up to £99.99 for blog marketing.

Blog Engage Pricing plan


I just chose the Standard Option for £9.99 (one-time). I get to pay once and post all posts from my five blogs again and again :). For the 100+ users that Blog Engage sends my way, that kind of money is ridiculously low.


Sign up today. Create more, promote more and spend lesser time to take your blog to new frontiers where no other blogs have been before.

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