Mobile applications are in.
With the proliferation of internet on mobile devices, and the availability of modern technologies there is a deluge of mobile apps that make you stay productive or entertained, either connected to the network or otherwise. At the same time, the economy of mobile devices is set to grow leaps and bounds – thanks to a market that is yet to cover vast parts of the world.
There are large swaths of functionality, productivity or entertainment that is waiting to be provided through mobile devices. There also are specific needs of the mobile-using population that can be addressed better, or needs that are yet to be identified in this young mobile world.
This market is very dynamic, and the technology needed to address a problem can change pretty quick. Developers need to constantly improve, be on the ready to apply their skills and turn-around within weeks instead of months. Others are left behind in this market which cannot be a good thing with opportunities lying around.
So what can an entrepreneur, or a smart person without can do?

This need is being addressed in innovative ways today. Let’s look at two such examples.

1. MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor is one of those ways for Android devices. Using the platform, anyone can create an app and distribute it for others to use – no coding knowledge required. The platform is not an answer to all problems though, and can be limiting for someone who can pickup coding skills fast.
This gets us to another innovative and more comprehensive platform provided by MyAppBuilder.

2. MyAppBuilder

This easy to use system provides an easy to use, easy to code approach to creating Android and iOS (for iPhone, iPad etc.) applications. It does not stop there though – the tool also helps you publish the created app.

Create iPhone Apps in Minutes.

The app building platform in MyAppBuilder uses PhoneGap framework that enables you to build apps using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. A simple back-end enables you to customize the user interface and functionality. The content for the app is dynamically pulled from the MyAppBuilder platform itself.
In conclusion.. the newer app development technologies not only allow you to quickly get your app out there in the market, but also to maintain it easily and free you up to focus on creating better content.
Have you done anything similar? Which platforms have you used to get your own app?