Ok.. I saw this post on Daily Blog Tips.

.. and, just couldn’t resist.

When you go to a blog through a link somewhere, or from Google, what do you notice?

  • Content and how content is organised
  • Usefulness of content for your stated/perceived problem
  • Tone of the content (& how comfortable you are with the tone)

Once those basic necessities are satisfied, you begin to notice (just before you hit ‘close’) – just what the blog is about. In the most common cases, you close the browser window and that’s the end.

Unless, it isn’t.

Unless the blog continues to churn out content that you find useful. You will come across the links in the forums you visit, in other blogs that you already follow, or get recommended from an influencer you trust.

And then, only then – you start to look approvingly or disapprovingly of the way web pages are organised on the blog, the type of content in general, and whether you want to indeed like the blogger as a person.

A logo is somewhere in there at the very last of the approving/disapproving factors.

Yet, I find heaps of posts on how logos need to be changed, typography controlled, link text altered, and so on.

What is the point of these articles that wax eloquent about such a seemingly small issue?

Have we juiced the topics about blogging for so long, that we have to depend on the scraps? Do people need to be made aware of the deficiencies in their logo?

Or, is it far more simpler and complicated at the same time – I am missing the point and am an idiot for not seeing that. The logo post was trying to let me in on a secret of the universe.

My Way of Choosing Logo (as of Y2019)

Read carefully – it may be complex to understand first.

  • Go to Hatchful from Shopify
  • Select your nature of business, provide your name and the general type of logo you want to see
  • Rinse and repeat with other types of logos if you are not satisfies
  • Choose from a logo. Customize text placement, typography and symbols used
  • Download logos for your website, social media and a sticker to stick on your dog (all advertising is good advertising). You may have to go to your email and download through a direct link
  • Close browser

Sorry – I could not make a video or provide illustrations for this complicated process. You would have to make do, or refer to the million YouTube videos that probably will train you at the art.


  • Content matters (as if I know something about that)
  • Rest not so much

I wanted to wast 30 seconds of your time since there was yet another article at an unassuming corner of the Internet. Mission accomplished.