Source Phoenix is the newest hot product on the Internet Marketing scene. If you have not heard about it – you should start reading more. If not for anything you will learn how effectively you can market your own product.

Alex Becker is spear-heading this product. He has teamed up with Dan Anderson (a “100k+ affiliate marketer”) and Kotton Grammar (a “100k+ client SEO specialist) to create a course for all SEO aspirants.

After the recent disaster with Cloud PBN (which was a proven way to get nothing barring penalties), will Phoenix help regain the aura for Becker? Find out.


What is Source Phoenix?

Source Phoenix wants to address the “vacuum created in the SEO industry today”. You will learn –

  1. Core SEO training
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Client SEO
  4. Some quick methods to earn money fast (yeah, we all love it)

In addition to the course you will get access to “Source Catalyst”, which is a group to facilitate exchange of PR links.

source phoenix review

I went through the webinar, the “Affiliate Marketing Blitz” part of the course completely, and skimmed through the rest of the course.

The courses provide good value for whoever is starting out in the Internet Marketing domain, and want to check out SEO for their own sites, and for client sites. But, that value is far exceeded by the course fee of $997.

While Core SEO training is something that has been told in other blogs numerous times, Affiliate Marketing course shines through in some parts since it is more “to the point”. Client SEO covers the ground on pitching your business to clients, how to SEO split, and how to rank your websites safely.


Is Source Phoenix worth it?

Yep, all the information provided by Source Phoenix is good. You will see the characteristic Becker style, but not a lot of it since he is taken over by Dan Anderson (make sure you don’t doze off by the voice :)), and Kotton Grammar (a marketing pitch that you can make out from far). The videos by Becker are entertaining as always and providing value as he never forgets to claim.

The problem with Source Phoenix is that all this information is repeated by a hundred other marketers. Even Alex Becker himself has lot of information on these for free on source-wave.

If you are completely new to Internet Marketing – you may see something new and exciting. You will check out things that have worked for successful marketers, and be wiser. The only thing you would have to decide is whether you will pay a $1000 for this, when you can struggle for a week or two to get everything in the course for free elsewhere.

If you are like me, who absorbs all the information and does nothing – this is just a repeat. You will be disappointed even. The course material is top-notch, but rehashed stuff. If you are the person who can like new wine in older bottle, then this course may be just right for you.

I thoroughly enjoy Becker’s videos. Even though there is some repetition, Becker puts everything to learn in a entertaining package which works just fine for me. When this got reviewed positively by some respected marketers I got interested. Unfortunately the course does not deliver. It makes up for really expensive entertainment – and that is not amusing.


Is Source Phoenix a scam?

Certainly not.

You will see that it would have taken the creators considerable time to pull everything together, and create a course that is appreciated by at least one section of the audience.

But, with my previous experience with Becker’s partnerships, I would be careful about refunds.


What YOU can learn from Source Phoenix?

Well, the interesting part is what you can learn from how the course is marketed and not the course itself.

The last marketing campaign for Cloud PBN by Becker was a case in point.

  1. Becker started writing/talking in videos about how PBN benefits everybody (to be fair, he has talked about PBNs and how to make money from them before. Only the intensity changed)
  2. A Facebook group was created for further discussions
  3. There were a couple of webinars after which Becker presented the actual product

This was no exception.

Source Phoenix webinars are initially advertised as value webinars that do not sell anything. That is 100% true. There is no direct selling anywhere.

Affiliate marketing video had Dan talk about the method he follows at a high level, usage of foreign keywords to rank better in a non-English language, and how he searches for products that he may want to market.

Similarly, Kotton Grammar gave away a method to use social profiles to power your money site, while PBNs can point to the social pages and money sites.

This is incredible value for any newbie marketers – all for free, and with no in-your-face selling of the product itself. You are seeing three successful people in action, and you can easily get started with SEO then and there.

When you give such value away for free, you are going to generate interest on “what exactly does the course cover”. That interest is going to convert more than a few followers, and then some.

This is good marketing.


What are the other courses that teach SEO?

Is there some other course that teach you everything you need to know in SEO?

Nothing comes easy, or for free. But there are exceptions when you have the will to learn. No course is perfect, and there will be lot of information outside of it rather than inside it.

My recommended way of learning SEO is by trying things out yourself. You have to focus on three things while learning SEO –

  1. Have a budget to try out different methods that you will develop an interest in
  2. Learn things for free from what all the other marketers say (you can find them in WarriorForum, black hat forums, Reddit, Facebook, Google search, and while hopping from one SEO blog to the other)
  3. *Try* it yourself. Although you will loose some money, and invest some time, it is well worth it. You will know for yourself how the entire thing works. Only that results in true learning.

The sources I like are below –

  • Moz
    ncredibly detailed articles about a topic.
  • Search Engine Journal
    gain, a lot of things to try out.
  • Search Engine Watch
    Another respected source for SEO techniques and news.
  • Source Wave
    Check out cool videos from Becker on SEO.
  • Backlinko
    Brian Dean is a marketer who provides good case studies on what works for him.
  • NoHatDigital (formerly NoHatSEO)
    Learn SEO for free by opting for their internship.
  • Keep an eye on a LOT of SEO sites and forums. You will learn by just observing what others have to say.