I am back on the “blogging” scene, and nothing has changed much in years. Missed me much?

The first thing I did was to measure up “competition”. It is not as if I have a multi-million site here that has to measure up to someone, but it feels good to understand what kind of posts should I write.

I made this task somewhat easier by visiting some of the “high traffic” blogs in the region and some of the lesser known blogs that periodically blast into significance. I was quite not ready to go after CopyBlogger, et. al. – that’s putting a deliberate limit on my limitless abilities so that I stay close to the ground.

Outcome of my pathetic research

My two hours of research proved nothing other than the fact that I continue to be a moron of blogging world. That’s M-O-B (TM) for you.

Good news

  • I write somewhat decent posts (take note of ‘somewhat‘)
  • I have a sense of humour (ha)
  • And, I still don’t want to be the regular blogger that writes about blogging and making money (no one cares)

Bad news

  • After millions of years of maintaining this blog in a stupendous condition, I don’t think I understand blogging
  • Blogging is probably dead and will be buried over the next decade

So, what gives?

Blogging for me started as a way of exploring technology and sharing what I learnt with others (thereby the strange name of this blog).

I wanted to emulate the labnol‘s of the world.

Nobel intentions, no doubt. The problem was I also wanted to see this as a way to retire to Bahamas, or to coastal Karnataka (which is way better – better dosas, ice-creams and other essentials).

That corrupted my mind, ala The Ring. Or as Gollum and I call it – ‘Precious’.

I started about five blogs, wrote a few things that none cared about, sold two of them for triple digits (yes – you heard that right ). And, went back to making living writing programs and managing IT.

Periodic posts did not quite rekindle the interest and there was no sustained effort to spread the good word elsewhere.

That brings to my story of the day..

Blogger Relationships

It is hard work to compete in Google – long-form posts, hyper-competitive topics, and compared to crazies (Backlinko, The Smart Passive Income etc.) who seem to have PhD in Blogging. The facts that the posts are few and far between, my bad writing and absolute lack of anything new probably did not help.

It is also hard work to tell the same thing that a million others have been telling for much longer, and get readers to flock to that message.

I can then switch to a somewhat easier task – keep generating noise, be friendly with influencers and such, and hope for a break. After all, people believe anything that influencers say.

Bloggers sell dreams and I have to be part of the secret society that peddles the same sh*t. Read these and tell me that you don’t find them elsewhere –

  1. How to earn money quick by doing x, y and z – nothing more. And how my grandfather (bless his soul) used the same recipe to retire and become President of The Maldives.
  2. How can you make your blog the ‘beautifullest‘ of all blogs?
  3. How can you speed up your blog by switching platforms that suck for all others (that I typically don’t use)?
  4. How to use a tool that automagically gives you super powers
  5. Why do beginner bloggers fail?
  6. Blogger income reports that reinforce ‘the dream’

My ‘to-do’ will then be –

  • comment and share the glorious messages from other bloggers ‘in the know’
  • interview a low to medium profile blogger (again, to spread his/her good word)
  • write guest posts

Wondering about topics? – read above. Easy enough..? I thought so too.

As it turns out, however, I manage relationships much worse than the bad apps I develop. The only stable person who trusts me is my mother – and that should have told me *something* at the time.

  1. I don’t believe most of the people who say the same thing as all others
  2. Did not find it engaging to hog bloggers and their audience – possibly lazy
  3. I evolved from the initial views of most bloggers (not quite in a good way – that’s another story). The altered state was not in harmony with rest of the world

Ok.. so now what?

So, that leaves a lone option to make this blog one of the most successful blogs of all time –

  • write regularly
  • find my voice

Hmm.. let’s see where I go with this one.


This post was triggered by a recent read on a blog-advisory-site on how to maintain relationships with other bloggers. I puked a bit, but no harm done in any form to any animal (thus far).