About technosanct

technosanct is a collation of bits and pieces that make life easier, exciting and enjoyable! technosanct is hand-picked technology for the web. It is an attempt to focus on what is important (and what isn’t) in the tech world of blogging, internet marketing and related aspects.
I sift through technology in my life bordering on being unhealthy. Some of it is interesting and some that just rock. technosanct serves as a platform to share all that.

I am sure you will find most of technosanct interesting. If not, you can always leave a comment and both of us become wiser for the better.
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About the author

Since I am quite well versed in almost all arts and sciences of the world, I will not be able to fit all of that in one page or a website. So, let me make it brief.

I am Prashanth Krishnamurthy. A blogger, wannabe writer of epics, and a part of the information technology industry for more than a decade. That is all there is to it.

You can also view lesser information about me elsewhere.
Still with me? Thanks!

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Why this site?

Well, it was only recently I started getting interested in the technology of the web. Specifically, how technology helps people who are looking to grow rich, powerful, funny, or are trying to find other ways to dominate earth and beyond. There is a lot of good content out there written by knowledgeable people. And, there is more than enough not-so-good content. After reading a lot of that, I decided to join the “good alliance”.

I hope to quash the not-so-good content, and surprise that with more bad content. Or, not quite.

I will strive to provide quality, no-BS, quick to read, easy to understand content on technology of the web. And, that is a promise.