For WordPress developers and designers, it is a ever-changing, never-satisfied quench for themes and plugins.
WordPress themes are not exactly hard to come by, but getting the quality right and saving time is a big problem. It is not quite a big proposition to get paid themes at a reasonable cost, but when you are looking for free themes you have to look long and hard. But the kind folks out there have done some research, put together a lot of good posts and are willing to help!So, we navigate to

designrazzi free wordpress themes
Designrazzi has a huge collection of free WordPress themes that are completely free. The themes are collated in one post and laid out to be demo’d and downloaded. . Nothing really new in having them in one post, but what is new is the interesting mix of themes, and with agreeable quality.
The themes cover the entire range of WordPress sites from blogs, magazines, websites, corporate sites et. al. I found this invaluable in my search for free themes for a more recent project. I could quickly check how the themes look, take a tour through the demo, and narrow down to 4 options – all without much fuss.
Later, I installed the four chosen themes one by one to check on my own site, finalized one. As easy as that!
Go to designrazzi.