The best of the content you produce is nothing when there are no people to consume them.

One of the best ways to get more people to view/comment/connect is to get the current set of readers to share them with others. Social media not only connect people to other people, but also topics to people. Reaching out to people who are interested in the topic is intrinsic to building traffic to your blog.

One of the ways this has been done is to create a separate Facebook page, Twitter account, and engage your audience. But, what about all those people who are jumping on your blog from search engines, or by other means? Do you really expect them to copy the link, put the link in their favourite social media platform, and hit “Share”?

This is the age of the lazy.

You want all that to happen at the click of a button on your blog. You want them to just click whatever social platform that makes sense and share quickly and easily.

social media

And, that’s what WordPress and its many plugins make it really easy to do. But there are so many plugins that claim social media nirvana, that you will get confused for sure.

Let me make it easy for you. Here are the chosen 5 WordPress plugins that will make your life easy and make your users click on those shiny buttons to share content.

1. SumoMe

SumoMe by AppSumo is one of the bunch of amazing, immensely useful free tools.

sumome social share bar review

SumoMe works on any website, and is easy to setup. You can choose to have a floating social share bar, or buttons to share the post/page.

Download SumoMe Social Bar

2. Social Media Feather

You want a light-weight, fast-loading social plugin that is under active development? Look no beyond than Social Media Feather.

Social Media Feather is touted as super light, and the fastest loading social plugin. The buttons generated by the plugin looks good in retina and high resolution displays, and also supports themes.

social media feather beautiful social share plugin easy to use

The plugin can be used to place social share/follow buttons on the sidebar, or using short codes within a post. For example, introduce buttons in the middle of the post by just typing in

[feather_share skin="wheel"]

The free version comes with a limited theme set, you need to pay for goodies that can add more shine to Social Media Feather. I just use the free version, and that is more than enough.

Download Social Media Feather

3. AddToAny

If you are one of the people who scoff at the puny social sharing sites that everyone uses, but take pride in participating in a network that your neighbour doesn’t know – AddToAny is for you.

AddToAny enables hundreds of sharing platforms that sits pretty behind the AddToAny button. The code/images are supplied by AddToAny site, and you can be sure that they will fix things as soon as any social media platforms break them. You may never come to know what went wrong in the meanwhile.

AddToAny boasts floating buttons in a horizontal or vertical bar, and can also be added within the posts. Your experience with the social shares will stay the same across technology platforms – AddToAny supports multiple platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Check out more features of AddToAny.

You can add custom icons to the share buttons. The buttons are mobile and retina ready.

AddToAny Free Social Share Tools WordPress

AddToAny is seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics so that you know the user behavior patterns on your website. You can understand which social media platform works better for your blog. It also provides APIs and is developer friendly. In summary, you are getting a lot of power in a neat package that can be used by anyone.

Download AddToAny

4. JetPack Social Links

If you already use JetPack on your blog, there is no better way to enable social sharing other than using the JetPack Social Links.

JetPack is by Automattic, the folks behind WordPress. We can safely assume they know what they are doing with the power-house to manage numerous aspects of your WordPress blog. JetPack has modules that you can enable to not only share the posts automatically when posted, but also for displaying the social share buttons on the blog.

jetpack wordpress plugin social share

Find out more about JetPack social sharing buttons.

5. OnePress Social Locker

My big secret for getting social shares – OnePress Social Locker.

All the methods mentioned before this were passive. Users see some icons at the bottom of the post, or on the side bar, and they may click on the social share buttons or choose to ignore them. You will be lucky to get 5% shares unless you run a site like Upworthy. Most people read and be ever gone.

With OnePress Social Locker, you can “lock” content like entire paragraphs, articles, or content upgrade like a checklist, image, source code etc. until user clicks on one or more social share buttons.


This has the potential to yield significant benefits since the user is almost near to conversion. One click share to unlock more secrets is hardly a temptation that people can resist.

OnePress social locker free

OnePress Social Locker can integrate with Google Analytics to track what content users are clicking to unlock, and on which platform.

Download OnePress Social Locker

Want more advanced features? You can always get the premium version of OnePress Social Locker. That unlocks the ability to write your own titles, have some cool animation, and more.