PDF documents are valuable.

You just convert your Word documents, text documents or even your images to PDF, and be assured that your signature in your work is retained forever.

Or, is it?

There are a number of utilities that can convert PDF into a Word document. Here are the top five ways of quickly converting the PDF documents to the Word format.


1. Small PDF

Go to smallpdf.com.

Upload your PDF document, and get your Word document back.

SmallPDF PDF to Word

Although small PDF tries its best to convert everything as is, it can fail if you have complex formats in your document. I tried with one of the most downloaded from backlinko.com, and this is what I got.

PDF to Word conversion issues

Even if you leave alone the font discrepancies, you’ll see that none of the tables are aligned and the text is way off.

Formatting discrepancies are common when you want to convert PDF to Word.

However, you will find some use for this product if you cannot copy from the PDF and you have lost the source. Other utilities on the same website can also help you unlock the PDF document (even if you don’t know the password).

The biggest advantage here – you don’t need to supply any emails, you don’t need to register anywhere, or do anything apart from converting the PDF document.


2. PDF to Word

Imaginatively named pdftoword.com is from the guys from Nitro PDF, one of the well-known solutions in the PDF world.

This is as simple as the first option, but the website really wants to sell its desktop solution to convert PDF to Word. The biggest problem for me however was that I need to supply any email, and the converted document is sent to that address.

Convert PDF to Word using Nitro free solution


3. Online2PDF

Online2PDF.com the page does not have a nice interface. It also takes more time to process a PDF file.

Online2pdf well formatted PDF to Word conversion

But, it converts PDF to Word/Excel beautifully.

I found the least formatting errors in the document converted on this website.

Retain formatting while converting PDF document Word document

You can unlock the PDF documents that need to be converted. It can also convert your documents to Excel.


4. Convert Online Free

convertonlinefree.com does not have a good website. In the support converting PDFs to multiple formats, and it does not need any email ID/registration.

convertonlinefree.com Free conversion from PDF to Word

Although the converted Word document retained the font formatting as is, it was way off with specially formatted tables/bullets.

PDFtoWord without software


5. PDF2Doc

pdf2doc.com Provided the best experience in terms of the website as well as what it could do from a PDF conversion perspective.

Best free online PDF to Word converter


The conversion retained almost all the formatting from the PDF. The process was quick, painless and without any need for a registration.

Online PDF to Word

Another free services were powerful enough as far as OCR is concerned. But they could unlock the PDFs, and do a decent job of passing on the formatting to the Word document.

If you look at the screenshots carefully might observe that the couple of them are actually taken from Libre Office. You can be rest assured the PDF documents that are converted a complying to the Word standards 🙂


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Recommended service: http://pdf2doc.com/