Smartphones have changed the way we interact with people and the Internet. I often find myself browsing the Internet on my smart phone, and switching to PC while I need to test a program or get into more details.

Addition of tablets to this mix made my world more complicated.

Sharing bookmarks, notes and files amongst these two devices had been a headache. But this problem receded into the background as I gradually learned to use Dropbox/Google Drive, and bookmark managers like Pocket more effectively.

Although online file storage applications and bookmark managers make the security of the problem lower, these are not tools built for that purpose. You can expect a few problems that you have to live with, and do more steps/clicks than necessary to accomplish a task.

Enter new generation tools that make sharing across devices is seamless and wonderful experience. Find three such ways outlined below.



PushBullet is an awesome way to share notes, notifications, files and bookmarks/links amongst all your devices.

Share bookmarks and links between PC and android

You install PushBullet from the App Store for the specific platform – That will be Google Play for android, Chrome store for Google Chrome, or Apple App Store.

You can login to PushBullet using your Google or Facebook account. You’re connected once you login to the app from various devices.

Thereon notifications, links, files can be shared across devices. It is as easy as bookmarking something.

For example: you also get notifications from your phone on your Chrome browser. You can also share a file on the phone and see the file available across devices.

You can also use PushBullet to get updates from your favourite sources. You can use the different channels available and get notifications across your devices whenever new content is published by the source.

Notifications Of self and channel updates on browser and phone

Data shared amongst devices will go through connected Wi-Fi. I could locate only one limitation – there’s a size limit of 25 MB for the file.

PushBullet is great for sharing bookmarks and files, uut the core functionality of the app extends beyond that. You can view SMS/calls and other notifications of your phone on the computer. You can respond to the notifications, or simply dismiss them.



Lenovo’s SHAREit is an excellent, albeit largely unnoticed program.

You install SHAREit as a desktop program on your computer, as an app on your android device, Windows phone, or on iOS.

SHAREit prompts you to connect your devices when you start the program. You can connect multiple devices through Wi-Fi.

Share data between computer and android device

Once connected, you can easily transfer files amongst the devices.

Apart from data sharing, SHAREit also provides tools to control the presentation being shared on your PC,, you can view the contents of your PC from your phone, play the videeos and images from your phone onto your computer screen, or backup your phone on your disk.

SHAREit also makes it easy to to create ad hoc connections  and send files and apps through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Air Droid

Air Droid not only enables sharing of data between your computer and mobile device, but access a complete device management suite.

You can install Air Droid is an app on your mobile device, and as a program on your computer.

Connect mobile device to computer and share data

When opened the app prompts you to set a source URL to establish connectivity. You can use this URL in other devices to connect to the source device.

One of the simplest tasks that Air Droid enables is to transfer files.

It can also help you manage apps,, receive and send SMSes from your computer or another device, dialled remotely and take calls from your phone, or act as a Wi-Fi hotspot.


The app that you want to use depends on the usage you have in mind.

  • Use SHAREit if are sharing data amongst mobile devices/tablets
  • Push Bullet is good for sharing bookmarks, notifications, and files
  • Air Droid is a full-fledged suite, and enables a lot more functionality other than sharing data

Nothing should prevent you from using all the three. While the first two applications are completely free, Air Droid has a premium version to remove some limitations. It will also nag you from time to time with promotional messages.