You need traffic. period.

Even with the best of algorithms, your website still gets gauged by what the link spread propensity is. It’s only natural that people share what they perceive as useful, so it is equally natural for search engines to depend on the number of links to evaluate the usefulness of your content.

You need not be a Blackhat professional to start building links. In fact I advise not to head towards that direction at all – DO NOT build automated links until you understand the risks and have some exposure on how.

As is the smart thing to do for anything new – start small.

You can start building links to the website, or your product using the following three well-proven, really easy methods – perfectly legitimate, and nothing illegal (although it does border on spam if you don’t have a good product). People click on these links, and slowly start coming towards your website.

The plot thickens thereon, and soon you should have a steady stream of traffic (in theory, it needs lot of work amigo).

get traffic for blog easy methods

how your traffic will look while coming at you


1. Use Yahoo Answers

If you don’t understand the power of Q&A forums, you have to start looking there. There are lot of keywords out there for which you can easily be in the first page of Google within a span of 4-12 hours.

Start with the basics –

  1. Create 4-5 Yahoo Ids (or buy them). Set up a proper looking profile for at least one of them
  2. Log on to Yahoo Answers
  3. Ask a question relevant to your topic of the website/blog post. The title of the question should have the keyword you are targeting for – you know the drill
  4. Open an incognito window, or use a different browser. Log on using another Yahoo id. Answer the question in a sentence or two. Include a link to your own website
  5. Logout, log back in with your third and fourth ids. “Upvote” the answer from your other avatar (You can also down vote spam answers from other marketers!)
  6. See traffic pour in [optionally, drink coffee]

Take this example of a simple keyword phrase. I know these kind of keywords have lot less competition, but was trying to find a rather harmless example.


yahoo answers for search result domination

You can do the same with Quora as well. But, do include better description in Quora, lest your answers be pulled out due to “your answer having the sole purpose of promoting a third party website”.


2. Use Google Alerts and monitor opportunities to comment

Comments are the next best thing to being featured in editorial content. The only problem is there are a trillion bytes of content being pumped out every day, and monitoring them is next to impossible.

Behold Google Alerts – your new best friend.

Create alerts in Google Alert for your favourite topic and keywords.

Google Alert Comment get links and traffic to blog

Not quite new, you would have seen a lot of people already recommending Google alerts to stay on top of the topic that you are monitoring. We can quite easily use that monitoring to serve a dual advantage.

When you find the topic written by someone else, you seize that opportunity to go and comment on the blog.

Google Alert to get traffic from popular sites

Since the websites sent by Google Alert are already indexed by Google, and are fairly respected, you can be sure that getting your link out there will help gain some traffic towards your website – both from a Search Engine perspective, as well as from the people who visit the website on which you had commented on.

The trick is to make this activity regular. Get up in the morning, monitor Google Alerts, comment, and rinse/repeat. Be the first to reach an article, and you can be sure to get quite a number of people towards your website.

And oh, don’t spam. Have some relevant comments – not the one that says “beautiful article, I very much appreciate what you do here. I am going to share this this with my fat cat.”


3. Do it using Reddit

Ah. Reddit. The place to be for nerds, internet junkies, time wasters and everyone in between.

Easy way to get traffic for website from reddit

Just join/subscribe a few groups that are revolving around your topic of interest. From time to time, introduce your links that are relevant to the topic of interest.

See at least a few people taking interest, and following your link.

Again, don’t spam reddit. The communities are much tighter knit than some forums, and they can easily throw you out. It is always a good idea to be a good community member, take part in conversations, comment and know what goes or frowned upon in the community, and start creating your own posts.


There you go, folks. Three simple ways for no-sweat link building that is sure to increase traffic for your site.

Know of anything else?