Fact of the matter – “time is of essence”.

WordPress installations are quick. You just grab the install from WordPress.org website, upload zip file to your host, click some buttons, and it’s done. If your host supports them (iPage does), there are a variety of one-click installers like SimpleScripts who automate the entire process. The problem starts only later.

For every single WordPress site I have created I go back and forth in trying the various themes available. Even after installing the theme on day 2 or 3, I did not stop getting surprised on day 100 about my theme decision.  

This problem becomes acute in the affiliate sites I create. My affiliate sites are light, simple, and focused on a product small enough for me to handle (and to rank!). So, the decisions about themes will cost me precious time. The dissatisfaction about the look & feel at a later point, and the fear that it may be loosing me business, was worrying to say the least.

And then, I changed. Although I still love and stand by my recommendation about the “only theme that any blogger should have“, I will make concessions for affiliate sites.

I started using one of the following three themes in each of the affiliate sites, and never looked back since. Note that:

– You don’t need to listen closely to this.

– It is by no means a secret.

– Know what, the themes by themselves have not made money

But, what these themes will do is to simplify your life. They are simple, fast, support sticky content on the home page, and easy to maintain. Let’s look at the top 3 WordPress themes for affiliate sites, shall we?

1. Splash by MyThemeShop

Splash is not exactly new. I do remember that I had rejected using this theme a few times since I was disappointed with what the free theme Point could (or couldxe3wd2a  not) do. 

But, I was forced to reconsider my disposition towards this theme when Spencer and Perrin considered Splash for their niche experiment site. When I had a look at the site created, I got hooked.

It was only a few weeks later that I got try this on one of my sites. And, what can I say – I did like working with the theme. What more – I don’t hate it even after 3 months. I don’t have that sinking feeling that things are not going right as far as look & feel of the site goes!

best affiliate WordPress theme


Apart from the typography and looks, Splash provides some great features.[feature_box style=”1″ only_advanced=”There are no title options for the choosen style” alignment=”center”]

  • Splash is 100% responsive

splash wordpress theme features

  • Home page layouts are flexible. You can create a different looking site at the click of a button
  • Has a beautiful review system that is simple to set up and operate
  • Splash comes with social sharing buttons that are easy to set up and fast loading
  • Custom widgets from MyThemeShop are great for tasks like showing related posts, popular posts or to even show the recent reviews
  • Allows unlimited customization to colours and background


For all the functionalities that it offers, Splash is fast. They have my money for the next bunch of affiliate sites I create!

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Try the demo, or get Splash now! 

Splash theme costs $35.


Or, you can opt for $99 plan that provides all the 120+ themes by MyThemeShop.


>>> See the comparison chart below to see which theme you should choose. <<<


2. AffiloTheme by AffiloRama

If you are into affiliate business, you will of course know all about AffiloTheme by AffiloRama

As the name suggests this theme is specifically designed for affiliate sites. It is clean, fast and efficient.

I got my hands on this theme when I went through the AffiloBlueprint course. 

At that point I was sold into the idea of AffiloBlueprint to re-learn some of the steps I used to unsuccessfully follow for building affiliate sites. AffiloTheme was offered completely free of cost with the course.

The theme did not earn me hard cash (but the course “kind of” did). But AffiloTheme was my first introduction to really simple themes that are easy to maintain and customize. I was impressed.

affilotheme best wordpress affiliate theme

[feature_box style=”1″ only_advanced=”There are no title options for the choosen style” alignment=”center”]

  • AffiloTheme is the most beginner-friendly theme you can get. While other themes come with documentation, this one comes with a whole set of video tutorials
  • Have you seen one of those big one page ads to describe features of a product or service? Those “squeeze pages” (example) are a breeze to create in AffiloTheme
  • AffiloTheme has easy layout generation with a few clicks. You can change colors, background and typography without leaving the WordPress admin page
  • When you purchase AffiloTheme you also get access to AffiloTheme Members’ Forum. As per me, this is one of the big advantages that AffiloThemes has against its competitors. The forums are active, and full of newbie/intermediary questions. The support staff and other members are helpful
  • You will get one year’s worth of hosting for one website. Not really excellent hosting, but better than most shared hosting spaces out there
  • You will get free updates for the theme
  • The biggest advantage – you can install it on how many ever sites you want


Once you create an affiliate site, find for yourself about how easy is it to do that, and earn money – you will never stop there. You want to increase your niche coverage, and take advantage of multiple avenues to make money. There lies the biggest advantage of the unlimited personal licenses of AffiloTheme.

Looking back I sometimes get surprised about my decision to look at other themes! 

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See a sample site, or get AffiloTheme now! 

AffiloTheme costs $97.


Remember that the price includes unlimited updates, the license to install theme on unlimited sites, and includes one year hosting.

 You can also buy additional themes that run on the AffiloTheme framework. But I have never found the need to do that so far 🙂


>>> See the comparison chart below to see which theme you should choose. <<<


3. ClickBump by Scott Blanchard

ClickBump is not just a theme – it is a framework that comes with default themes, and you can add more themes on top of it. ClickBump is quite an old player in affiliate space, and beyond. 

The biggest selling point of ClickBump? Speed.

On this side of WordPress where we refuse to customize the heck of it, ClickBump theme framework is the best that money can get. The theme in its latest version 6 ranks at 99 in PageSpeed. Speed was one of the biggest selling factors for ClickBump, and it still is.

The other advantage is simplicity. You will see a tonne of cheap sites out there built for AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon etc. on ClickBump. You have to see this video to see it for yourself as ClickBump is used to get a functional website in 30 seconds.

ClickBump will not get awards for its beauty, but it boasts clean look that is fully functional.

[feature_box style=”1″ only_advanced=”There are no title options for the choosen style” alignment=”center”]

  • ClickBump is a whole system to create and maintain affiliate sites, not a theme. It comes with powerful ways to create content, and to show it to the world. ClickBump enables functionality like Related Posts, Social Sharing, Ad management and so on. Everything that you need to get started on a WordPress site is in there
  • Readers/users can be encouraged to share posts on Social Media by locking content
  • Easiest to set up, arguably the quickest as well
  • Speed! See the response times improve by just using ClickBump
  • The theme is completely optimized for SEO. There is a separate product (also available as a bundle) called “ClickBump SEO”. Using this you can continuously check see how effective your article is for Google search results as you type them in the WordPress editor.
  • The biggest advantage – you can install this in as many of your own websites as you like


ClickBump Sample Site

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You can get ClickBump theme alone for $57

But, I strongly recommend you get the bundle for maximizing your productivity, and improving your potential rankings in Google. The bundle costs $97.


At this price you get updates for the theme, and one of the best combinations to get a fast site that ranks.

How do the top 3 affiliate themes compare?

I have provided the best affiliate themes for WordPress that money can buy. So, which should you choose?

There is no one right answer. 

While all the three are great themes (that’s why they made it to this post), you can choose one based on the type of site you want to build (e.g. Amazon affiliate site looks better on Splash, but works out to be more economical to buy AffiloTheme).

See the table below to compare the various factors that may influence your theme decision.

[table id=2 /]

That was all to it folks. A simple decision the look & feel of your affiliate site can be as complex, or as simple as it can be. Comment and let me know what you have used, and why!