Building websites is not difficult.

You do not need to be a techie to build or maintain websites. What you need is lot of patience, a good sense for aesthetics, and ability to interact with others and learn. Here is a comprehensive list of tools and resources to build and maintain quality websites.

Many of the tools are free, and the paid tools are absolutely superb. A few paid tools are affiliate links (they start with*). Appreciate if you buy through those links, but that’s not mandatory!

Website Building

Easily build and maintain websites.

Building websites need not be a technical job in today's day and age. With basic knowledge you can easily build beautiful looking websites.
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Managed Hosting Recommendations
A Quick Guide to Learn WordPress
A guide to choose your blogging platform
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Host your blog for free using Blogger platform
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SEO Tools

Get found on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization tools help you become the best of friends with Search Engines.
Search Engines are the good guys. They help connect you with people who are willing to read and listen to what you say. The tools here help search engines understand you better.
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Numerous free SEO tools.#backlink, #seo analysis
Social signals for free.#social signals
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Create Magic with Content

Content is everything.

Images, videos, and written content - stuff that matter. Create/get beautiful content that people want to read, share and come back to.
The only place you need to get written content. You can get blog posts, articles, eBooks, and anything.
All copyscaped articles to suite a range of budgets. With iWriter, I am not even sure why you would want to look at other options.
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Optimize screenshots for the web
Surprisingly easy-to-use, but powerful video editor and mixer.
Youtube is as old as they come. But the power it brings to video/audio editing is just amazing.
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Instant screencast.#video
Make great videos easily.
Turn ordinary photos and video clips into rich videos.
Royalty free photos in public domain.#images
Free stock photos.#images
Completely free images and photos organized in categories.#images

Store and Share Files

In your life online you share documents, data and more with specific people, or to everyone.

File sharing tools are invaluable to share the digital assets. Emails just don't cut it in one-to-many sharing, or in case of large attachments. File sharing tools enable you to just upload the files, provide required privileges, and use the high speed delivery mechanism to share the files.
Google Drive. Need I say more?#share, #store
All your media, anywhere you go. You can use MediaFile for not only media, but all kinds of files.#file, #media
Simple, secure sharing from anywhere. #share, #store
Widely used service for storing and sharing files.#share, #store