Get to know sensible blogging.

Find your voice and a few wise words. Share knowledge with millions. Start with a minimum viable blog quickly, and stay beautifully relevant through the times.

It is quite easy to get lost in information and otherwise. Let me filter the fluff and give it to you straight. 

Blogging is no panacea

I am not here to sell dreams and will not tell you to leave your day job today. But, done right, Blogging can be a super powerful tool to market yourself, your product and your ideas. Find the right platform and audience for your voice.

Be known by helping people through useful content.

Technology Hacks

Put technology to work for you and get your story to the world. It is never the other way around!

Level-up your Blogging

Take your blog beyond just putting words on a page. Engage your readers and create a listening ecosystem.

Leverage the digital world to help people & communities. Be known. Profit.

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Prashanth K

Prashanth K

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Am I to be trusted with advice? Absolutely.
Am I to be trusted for you to become a millionaire? Absolutely, not.

Hang around to benefit from my experiments, experiences and idiosyncrasies. Learn about things to do and what not to do from my many failures and few successes.