Technosanct Guide to Keyword Research

keyword research ultimate guide

Hello, hello, hello.. The three hellos were required since you have found the ultimate guide for keyword research. The best place to be in the virtual world, and all that. With that BS out of way, we will get to what we love to do to buy a private yacht of your own – keyword…

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Know Amazon Affiliate Basics. Get started on associate journey

get started on amazon affiliate program
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Guide to become an Amazon Associate

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. What you do is quite simple: Choose a niche that you’re comfortable with. Choose the department on that suits your niche Create a website for the niche Apply to become an Amazon affiliate Write some great content around the products in your…

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A Brutally Honest iWriter Review. Is iWriter technosanct?

iWriter Review

iWriter invokes passion in both people who want content written, and in those who are looking for content to be written. iWriter has revolutionised the way content is written and sold in the market place. It continues that trend to this day in the face of non-existent competition. To the delight of supporters, and to the dismay…

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Optimize screenshots for the web. How to reach screenshot nirvana?

ShareX screenshot capture

Previously you have seen me harping about a lesser known tool to take screenshots – the tool is called ShareX. ShareX is a great tool to take screenshots, make minor annotations on the screenshot, and to publish the screenshot to image sharing sites. [Read the complete ShareX review.] Although ShareX is excellent is doing what it…

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Build affiliate sites that earn money. No worries with Google updates

build affiliate sites that earn money

Affiliate sites are here to stay. But let me define what I mean by affiliate sites. I look at affiliate sites as those that address a very specific buyer problem. A problem that bigger guys have ignored because there are not sufficient people.  The sites may be about all the baby strollers that I find…

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Get your website free of charge

get website free of cost

Long time readers of this blog will know – I am a strong proponent of WordPress. But I understand WordPress can be a little hard to understand for people not familiar with technology. And, I do more than a few technology professionals who are unwilling to invest time in setting up WordPress the right way.…

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6 ways for a designer to make money online. #6 just takes 6 min to get started!


The world of web is of many different possibilities. Talented designers with awesome creativity and skills are going to thrive in this world. Competition is almost ignored when you have so much work out there. While you are solely responsible for your success in any aspect of life, it is more pronounced on the internet.…

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How to write blog post in 60 minutes?


Writing articles and blog posts takes time, and energy. As of today, I have 5 websites in different niches. I don’t outsource articles for any of them. The main reason is simple – I simply love the subjects of my websites. Passion sometimes makes up for the lack of knowledge in a particular subject. I…

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Top 3 WordPress themes for affiliate sites


Fact of the matter – “time is of essence”. WordPress installations are quick. You just grab the install from website, upload zip file to your host, click some buttons, and it’s done. If your host supports them (iPage does), there are a variety of one-click installers like SimpleScripts who automate the entire process. The…

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Attractive iPage discount

ipage massive discount runs on iPage! iPage has been a reliable hosting partner for for over an year. As per a strategy chalked out long ago, I start with a shared hosting server until the website outgrows it. Even with a plan that enables hosting of multiple sites (on a server that is shared by many…

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