Start sensible blogging.

Find your voice & share a few wise words with millions. Start a minimum viable blog quickly & stay relevant through the times. 

It is quite easy to get lost in information and otherwise. Let me filter the fluff and give it to you straight. 

Blogging is no panacea

I am not here to sell dreams and will not tell you to leave your day job today. But, done right, Blogging can be a super powerful tool to market yourself, your product and your ideas. Find the right platform and audience for your voice.

Be known by helping people through useful content.

Technology Hacks

Put technology to work for you and get your story to the world. It is never the other way around!

Level-up your Blogging

Take your blog beyond just words on a page. Engage your readers, create a conversation ecosystem.

Leverage the digital world to help people & communities.
Be known. Profit.

Latest Posts

Host your blog for free using Blogger platform

Host your blog for free using Blogger platform

Hosting is not easy on beginners who are hard on the money. Hosting space directly determines the space available for the website Hosting speed directly makes or breaks the website. The amount of memory and CPU can be limited, and when restricted, can break your blog...

Hueman is a beautiful, free WordPress theme

Hueman is a beautiful, free WordPress theme

Themes are the most powerful ways to make your website powerful. I cannot write enough on how a professional looks impact the way the audience perceives your blog and your work. Themes are dime-a-dozen in Wordpress. Google throws you 107,000,000 search results...

Get your website done in minutes

Get your website done in minutes

One of the advisories I have previously given out here and elsewhere is that website building is a technically challenging job.   Many people like me stick to platforms like Blogger, or Nothing wrong in itself, but there is a dependency on policy...

Managed Hosting Recommendations

Managed Hosting Recommendations

Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla will need maintenance, period.   It is possible that you struggle and get the site online and running. After that you start focusing on content, which is what you should do for the website.   What next? You have updates coming in for the...

A Quick Guide to Learn WordPress

There are a few things that you learn by maintaining your own websites: Hosting is a pain, and requires cash There are no easy answers for newbies to do the 'that cool thing' I have used Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal for building personal websites, and find Wordpress...


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Hello, I am Prashanth.

Hello, I am Prashanth.

Good human being. Maintainer of blogs.

Am I to be trusted with advice? Absolutely.
Am I to be trusted for you to become a millionaire? Absolutely, not.

Hang around to benefit from my experiments, experiences and idiosyncrasies. Learn about things to do and what not to do from my many failures and few successes.