Use Google reCaptcha – Prevent Spam, Digitize the World

google reCaptcha prevent spam in wordpress

Google reCaptcha is an effective way to prevent bots from spamming your website. What reCaptcha does is very simple – it shows an image to be solved to complete a manual action, e.g. for successful submission of a form. Users have to type in the text they find in the image to proceed. This is something…

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Promote ClickBank products

click bank start promoting products on website

Earlier in the series, you have seen how to get started on ClickBank, do your keyword research and some basic stuff on how to select your products. Once you do these, the next natural thing to do is to start promoting those ClickBank products. Promoting anything for money is a tricky thing. For your complete,…

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Get started on email marketing for free

sendwithus get started on email marketing

Email marketing sometimes looks like a beast for people getting started on anything to do with internet marketing – especially cheapos like me. On one hand you have all the experts out there shouting on roof tops about the nirvana called ’email marketing’. On the other, you see that auto responders cost money – on…

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Why you can avoid Source Phoenix by Alex Becker?

avoid source phoenix by Alex Becker

Source Phoenix is the newest hot product on the Internet Marketing scene. If you have not heard about it – you should start reading more. If not for anything you will learn how effectively you can market your own product. Alex Becker is spear-heading this product. He has teamed up with Dan Anderson (a “100k+…

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Awesome Images for Free

public domain high resolution free beautiful image sources

As a writer and blogger, images are crucial to convey the message to my audience. Finding images that go well with my posts were initially a tiring task. I used the tried and tested Google image search, dared copying some of the copyrighted images, and went through thousands of websites that offer royalty-free images. All…

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Cryptsync is a handy program for encrypting and synching files

I have suffered from lack of backups in the past. I have lost photographs (“mistakenly deleted”), knowledge documents painstakingly gathered from various sources (“still don’t have a clue where they went), and plan lost the password for the encrypted drive. For me, there is no such thing as a “too many backups”. But, I am…

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Chocolatey – A good app manager for Windows

chocolatey package manager for Windows

I had been playing around with Linux for a long time before my kinda permanent switch to Windows 8. Apart from the fact that I could show my geek skills to lesser mortals, the thing I missed the most was probably “package managers”. Be it “Yum” in RedHat or CentOS, Apt in Ubuntu, or Synaptic…

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3 super-easy , free methods to get traffic for your blog

get traffic for blog easy methods

You need traffic. period. Even with the best of algorithms, your website still gets gauged by what the link spread propensity is. It’s only natural that people share what they perceive as useful, so it is equally natural for search engines to depend on the number of links to evaluate the usefulness of your content.…

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Know whether your emails reached your reader

HubSpot Signals Review know whether emails have reached reader

Emails are the defacto medium of communication today. I can throw statistics on how popular are emails in today’s world, but emails are used by everyone. Let’s move on. But, even with all the popularity that emails have – one thing that frustrates me is that I cannot say for sure whether the emails have…

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AppSumo How To Make Your First Dollar – The good, bad and ugly

noah kagan how to make your first dollar review

Well folks – I never really thought I would be enrolling myself in a course aimed at entrepreneurs in this life. Entrepreneurship for me was something that carried an aura, and that would come naturally to a person when the time was ripe. As it so happens, I never see any time as the right time.…

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