How I increased prestige of my blog in $5?

respect and acceptance for your blog

I started on Blogger platform. Although I was familiar with WordPress, the question that I was grappling with was whether I need to spend more money on domain and hosting. I had two earlier websites struggling to find voice of their own, and I did not want to add further to my weekend workload.…

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Technosanct list of free traffic sources for your blog

awesome list of free traffic sources

Traffic. It’s what the makes the world go round. Or, maybe, it has that effect on just your blog. The point is that traffic is really important for any website or a blog. Of course you can write a thousand posts and wait for people to come in and crown you the king. From what I…

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Your digital products can help in 5 incredible ways

convert digital product

“Create digital products” – they say. You heard this from almost every blogger worth his salt. The “how”of it is more complex question that will be addressed elsewhere. But it confused me on what exactly I can do Once I create my own digital product. And oh, just clarify – although digital products often referred to eBooks,…

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Engage your audience and network effectively

engage your audience

There are two primary things that bloggers, old and new, struggle with. Create content Share content The problem of creating new, shareable content has been addressed in many forums. While it remains a big problem for a blogger to ideate, find out what’s hot/selling in the market, and create some content – it is something that…

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Get the best name for your website

bustaname locate best domain names for your site

You have a wonderful idea. You know what exactly your users need, and are fired up to supply it to them. And, become famous on the way. But, there is a problem. You just don’t know what to call yourself. You could take the easy way out – use your name, use your dog’s name,…

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Tools you must be using: SumoMe

SumoMe Control Panel

It is quite easy to get distracted by the noise about what makes it easy to maintain and enhance your website. There are tools galore that WordPress and other platforms offer. Your objectives vary, and so do tools created for a purpose. In this whole confusion, it is quite easy to scoff at anything labelled…

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Free tool to quickly check health of web page

check webpage health using free tool

It is quite easy to get carried away in the design and look & feel of the web page. You want to introduce as many features as possible, pack in glorious images, and have multiple scripts doing all things magical. Doing all this strains your server, and affects performance. A few of the elements like…

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PatchMyPC – Automate updates for your Windows PC

PatchMyPC review one click software update software

Software updates are a necessary evil. Necessary because you get to have all the good enhancements that get implemented in later versions. They are evil since they need manual intervention. Until Chrome came along and showed mainstream users on the advantages of automated updates, people either downloaded updates and installed them, or just chose to…

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Use Google reCaptcha – Prevent Spam, Digitize the World

google reCaptcha prevent spam in wordpress

Google reCaptcha is an effective way to prevent bots from spamming your website. What reCaptcha does is very simple – it shows an image to be solved to complete a manual action, e.g. for successful submission of a form. Users have to type in the text they find in the image to proceed. This is something…

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Promote ClickBank products

click bank start promoting products on website

Earlier in the series, you have seen how to get started on ClickBank, do your keyword research and some basic stuff on how to select your products. Once you do these, the next natural thing to do is to start promoting those ClickBank products. Promoting anything for money is a tricky thing. For your complete,…

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