One of the advisories I have previously given out here and elsewhere is that website building is a technically challenging job.
Many people like me stick to platforms like Blogger, or Nothing wrong in itself, but there is a dependency on policy changes or restrictions introduced by Google or any other third party. This is pretty scary for people who make some money out of their sites, or planning to do that in the future.

The easy way out is Weebly. Using Weebly you can get your website done in minutes, and be up and running in almost no time.

The Easiest Way to Create a Website.

Weebly allows you not only to create websites easily, but will make it a fun activity. The development of website is a largely drag and drop activity, and done easily enough.

You can select the finer details of the look & feel of the website including font colours, standard colours, images, the placement of text and images on the web page and so on.


The site contains hundreds of themes that provide differing layouts, colours, fonts in all pre-built goodness. This makes the website look cool, professional, but at the same time does not involve technology challenges.

The final website that you develop is automatically enabled for desktops, and mobile devices. This makes it really easy to develop without worrying on the development complexity arising out of the need to support various device layouts, but also simplifies the ongoing maintenance process.
Weebly continues to be the host once you have developed the website using their tools. Weebly gives the most Blogger-like experience in that way. Though you have created a beautiful looking website, you do not have to worry about searching for hosting, getting domain names from somewhere else, and installation and maintenance of your site.
You can start on Weebly for free, but anything more than the basic features will require one or the other paid packages.
If you are looking for more fine-grained control on the website, you need to look at WordPress.
What is your point of view? Have you used Weebly and found it useful?