Long time readers of this blog will know – I am a strong proponent of WordPress.

But I understand WordPress can be a little hard to understand for people not familiar with technology. And, I do more than a few technology professionals who are unwilling to invest time in setting up WordPress the right way.

For all you busy professionals, here’s the deal – I offer setting up your website free of cost. No, not entirely free. I get money from affiliate programs below rather than getting money from you.

Since you are planning to create a website – you would need two critical components.

1. Domain name

This is the name that you type in the browser. For e.g. http://google.com.

You need to choose a domain name that you like, and register that with domain name providers. These guys hold the domain for you, and redirect any requests from users to your website.

Typically you pay an annual fee to register your domain, and keep it that way through the years as your website grows and prospers.

Choosing a domain name registrar is not difficult or time consuming. You just need to do two things:

  • Choose a registrar that you like to work with, and who has a good deal
    Never pay the full amount for your product or service. There is always a deal going on. You will be able to get a domain name in the range of $1-$12.
  • Register your domain
    Provide your details, select any add on services for additional fee. Pay the registrar and you are done. They will not bother you for the next 10 months.
    Choosing a reputed registrar will help only in times of trouble. Let’s say the domain is not showing your website. Or, you forgot the password to the account. A good support team is invaluable under those circumstances.

Two of my go-to choices for getting domains:

1. GoDaddy

 godaddy domainsWhat do you know? GoDaddy is not well known only for their strange ads, but also for value-added products and services. 

I find GoDaddy the easiest to set up a new domain. Just go to GoDaddy.com, choose for the a domain name, pay and you are done.

2. iPage

ipage small A guide to choose your blogging platform iPage is my favorite host (see below). The only reason I don’t use them for domain registrations is because I want to keep the domain registrar separate from my hosting service.

Though I have not faced problems with any of the domain registrars or hosting providers, I find it easier to stay safe rather than be sorry. In case of any future conflicts I am likely to suffer only at one end, rather than loosing both domain and hosting in one go.

iPage domain name registration is similar to the one from GoDaddy. They just have more bland looking website.

2. Hosting

Hosting refers to the heart of your website. Hosting service provides the disk space, memory, processing power, and the bandwidth to create and maintain your website.

The only hosting service that you ever need to choose should:

1. Be Fast

Your websites have to load within 1-3 seconds depending on what you have on your site. iPage offers a range of services that start with shared hosting (you share your websites with other websites on the same server), through Dedicated Hosting (the name says all).

fast website free

You don’t need to worry about the technicalities. No matter which option you choose your website remains yours, and no one else will be able to access the files without your permission.

2. Be Reliable

You will learn rather quickly that users ignore websites that go down frequently. Hosting a website requires that you have adequate memory, space, CPU, and high performing bandwidth that can take the load on the websites.

3. Provide value for money

You can have all the speed, and all reliability that you need. But are you ready to pay a gazillion dollars for that?

You just need to balance your need for high availability of your website with the expense that you are willing to incur on it.


I find iPage one of the best on all counts.

ipage small A guide to choose your blogging platform

I have multiple websites on iPage – and all of them perform decently enough. I have tried a number of other popular hosting providers out there, and I can say this with conviction.

Don’t expect miracles though. You get what you pay for.

I recommend shared hosting – start out small, and expand as your website grows. This is the best strategy to apply to your business while you are starting up, or experimenting with newer fields. Shared hosting is not as good as a VPS and no where near to dedicated hosting, but you pay less than $2-$5 per month.

That is all there is to choosing a domain, and a hosting solution. Once you are done with the payments, you get your id/password in your registered email.

So, where do I come in?

What I offer here..

I offer to set up one WordPress website/blog for you at no cost to you. I get paid through affiliate commissions once you have bought the products/services recommended in this post.


How does this work?

  1. You click on the iPage hosting link provided here
  2. Select a iPage hosting option
  3. Complete payment for the hosting (and the domain, if you don’t have one)
  4. Send your payment details to (prashanth at technosanct . com)
  5. Don’t forget to include your id/password as well
  6. Send me any special instructions (e.g. the niche that your site is about, request to install a specific theme from wordpress.org/themes)


I will:

  1. Create a secure, high-performing WordPress site for you
  2. I will use a professional free theme that beautifully reflects your chosen niche ( I tend to use fully licensed paid theme as well, but no promises made. Contact me if you want to know more)
  3. I will use my proven set of plugins that I use on ALL of my websites
  4. I will hand over detailed instructions on what to do next

At the end of this activity you will have a professional looking website that looks good and performs well.

Why choose me as compared to hundreds or thousands out there?

My WordPress story did not start overnight. I have a long association with WordPress installation, development and maintenance.

You will get my professional expertise when you choose my services.

expert on building websites


You will get a highly optimized website that uses the best of themes, and plugins – all free of charge but hard to discover by yourself.

I have more than a decade of experience in building websites and work for a large IT firm that does nothing but this. Do not entrust your website to a one-click installer, or a cheap service on Fiverr.

Trust experts to get the job done.

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Ok..! I am ready.

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