WordPress is great, so are the artifacts on wordpress.org.
But, one of the things that will be least controversial even amongst WordPress developers is the difficulty in customizing anything that is more complex than changing layouts and fonts. This is done in WordPress using themes, which makes it a lot easier and simpler.
There are a lot of themes on the WordPress site, and on millions of other sites. The problem, however is four-fold:

  1. Many themes have encrypted code, which can track your site or worse, cause unintended harm to your visitors. Themes can cause severe security issues
  2. It is really difficult to find a trusted theme creator who has the required breadth and depth of options. You want themes to be good, beautiful and functional
  3. Themes may end up providing basic functionality, and expect you to customize
  4. It is really difficult to find a theme of your choice in the millions available
So, what do you do?
The easiest option is to find someone who has been in WordPress community for a while and ask for guidance.
The other way (especially if you have money to spend) is to choose a WordPress theme provider and stick with them for sometime. This ensures that you have a theme that is useful to you, and you will have support to fall back on when things go wrong.

Theme providers worth a look


1. Rocket themes

A collection of fine themes and plugins


2. imPower WordPress Themes 

Click and configure goodness.



3. Thesis

Get Thesis – the theme equivalent to many themes 🙂

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.

Themes for specialized sites

Though the above provide really good options, if you are into specialized sites, you can narrow down your choices and arrive at a quicker customization decision through the below means.
  • Niche Site Templates: Specializes in mini sites. At $29 you get a template that is clean and functional. It is good that the author wants to stick to something that is a niche (yes, I got that), but there are not many options.
  • Impact Page Builder does not really provide you any themes, but provides a means to make changes on your existing site and customize site quickly


Find solutions without themes

If you are looking at specific issues to solve, and not whole themes, take a look at the below sites:
  • wp-buddy: wp-buddy is one of the trusted theme and module provider for quite sometime. You will find just enough themes and modules that you can comfortably handle
  • If you have Genesys or Thesis themes already, and have deeper pockets you should look at the themes and plugins provided by Themedy


If you don’t like to pay for themes at all, you should start with wordpress.org. There are lot of help available in form of documentation and forums to help you if you are stuck.