Start with the most important thing for the blog – ‘objective‘, or purpose‘.

You can have a blog that runs all your personal opinions right from the neighborhood dog to karma, politics, and aliens from Andromeda. But do you want to do that? 

Think again, and think hard..

Why focus on a topic?

The audience out there is trying to find its topics of interest. If their interest overlaps with yours, you have found your readers. By keeping the content focused on the topic you are letting them know that you are passionate about the topic, and your blog is a go-to reading point for them.

By targeting those interested readers you begin the process of converting a casual reader, who happened to be on your site, to a loyal reader.

A loyal reader will come back for more.

This reader will also quote you on other sites of the same topic, and bring in more readers. She is also more forgiving of your mistakes, and willing to provide feedback and talk to you. Engage her, and before you know, you have a bunch of readers who become your blog followers.

If you are interested in more than one topic, consider maintaining multiple blogs. Do not mix and match topics to test your readers. I did that, and the results are not quite pretty.

Staying focused on the topic is easy

Open a notepad, type in what you think is the core topic of your blog. The core topic is what interests you, and that may have sub topics and related topics. This is what will drive your blog, and drive your readers towards the blog.

Look at what the Web has to say.

  • Are there any blogs out there dealing with the same topic?
  • What are they writing about?
  • Are any magazines/websites carrying articles about this topic? How many per month?

At the end of this you should have a good idea about whether the topic you have chosen can indeed be a core topic. You also should know whether you can generate enough content day after day, and week after week about it.

Time for an example – Let’s say you are interested in self improvement. You have done so much research yourself and tried so many methods, that you have enough to say about it (again, don’t worry if that does not go beyond 5 topics to start with).

In your blog, you can plan to talk about everything related to self improvement. It may be time management, finding inspiration, getting along with human society, being happy and contented, and so on. If there is enough to say on a particular “sub topic”, you stay focused on that.

Bottom line – your blog has to stay focused on a topic.