Cheap WordPress Hosting for your Website or Blog

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It is quite a bit of work to get started on WordPress, and it can get confusing for new bloggers.

First there is the problem of choosing the domain from the right domain registrar. Then, there is this seemingly endless hunt for hosting options. Finally, you have to set everything up to work as one unit.

The end result of using WordPress makes all this work worth the effort. Once you set up a couple of sites on your own, you will really see how easy it is. But no matter how many times you set up a website for others, the one question that haunts you is how cheap can the hosting be?

The hunt for hosting deals, and “decent” inexpensive hosting is a challenge that each blogger initially and at the end of the contract period :). If you are hosting multiple websites, you will see how tedious can all that be.

I have already talked about hosting options for beginners before. But,let me make that easier for people who are beginners, people tend to do over-research to find the best option, and to infrequent bloggers who value their money. I will make this list dynamic and will respond to any changing prices. My intent is to have this list confined to hosting providers who offer decent bang for the buck.

Here are the top 3 cheap (as in inexpensive) hosting providers for your WordPress needs.


1. iPage Hosting

The first of course is iPage, my own hosting provider.

ipage hosting

iPage costs as less as $1.68 /mo, and is a good option to get started with hosting. At that price they throw in a free domain name, a site security suite, and 1GB of cloud storage external to your website.

Pros –

  • Supports unlimited websites, unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth
  • Supports SimpleScripts for one-click installs of WordPress (and few other platforms)
  • Performance is decent for the money
  • Control panel is easy to use
  • Support is responsive. I have used both Live Chat and Phone options for multiple issues, and could find the problem being resolved in a day

Cons –

  • Cheaper hosting options will lock you in for an extended period of time
  • Turnaround times for severe issues is longer than you expect. For e.g. my server went really slow for 2 weeks and support updates were just canned emails with an occasional “we know that there is a problem, we are working on it”. This was frustrating to say the least.

iPage also has a WordPress essential option – it is a completely managed WordPress site that they claim to be optimized for WordPress. That is a good option if you are completely new to WordPress and do not want to worry about how to install and maintain WordPress. This option starts at $3/month.


2. JustHost

JustHost is another great provider that has been consistently maintaining good service, and decent pricing.

JustHost shared hosting starts at $2.75/month. Use coupon technosanct to bring down prices further.

Pros – 

  • Unlimited website, and unlimited domains
  • Integrated with Mojo marketplace for point-and-click installs
  • Has a slight edge in the performance aspect

Cons – 

  • Support is a tad irresponsive as compared to competition


3. BlueHost

BlueHost is my most recent host for a couple of websites. Although they are quite well known in the business, their hosting rates have been consistently more than $6-8. However, that has changed for the good recently.

BlueHost shared hosting plans start at $4.95.

Pros – 

  • Unlimited website, and unlimited domains
  • Integrated with SimpleScripts marketplace for point-and-click installs
  • CPanel looks far more professional, and is easy to understand
  • Provide SSH/Shell access for more control over websites. I simply loved this feature
  • Documentation is really good!

Cons – 

  • Performance is not as good as iPage, but is far more consistent

BlueHost also offers optimized hosting for WordPress starting from $25/month.


That’s it, folks..

There you have them – the three inexpensive but decent hosting providers. Give a shout if you have any suggestions, comments and feedback.

Don’t have domain yet, or looking to transfer domain to a cheaper alternative? Have a look at NameCheap.