Moving Away from LeanPub

leanpub to local book writing flow

LeanPub provides an easy and efficient way to create and publish your own books. Hope you did not miss the “create” part? While Amazon and its friends allow self-publishing, I was not quite taken to MS Word to write technical books. The whole flow of inserting images, code with special formats, and even changing the…

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5 fast and free ways to convert PDF to Word

top five online free pdf to word converters

PDF documents are valuable. You just convert your Word documents, text documents or even your images to PDF, and be assured that your signature in your work is retained forever. Or, is it? There are a number of utilities that can convert PDF into a Word document. Here are the top five ways of quickly converting the…

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Free tool to quickly check health of web page

check webpage health using free tool

It is quite easy to get carried away in the design and look & feel of the web page. You want to introduce as many features as possible, pack in glorious images, and have multiple scripts doing all things magical. Doing all this strains your server, and affects performance. A few of the elements like…

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Know whether your emails reached your reader

HubSpot Signals Review know whether emails have reached reader

Emails are the defacto medium of communication today. I can throw statistics on how popular are emails in today’s world, but emails are used by everyone. Let’s move on. But, even with all the popularity that emails have – one thing that frustrates me is that I cannot say for sure whether the emails have…

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Prezi is a good alternative to Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the standard pot for presentation recipes for quite a long time. Though there have been alternatives (e.g. OpenOffice Impress, Google Docs Presentation), none offer the same breadth, depth or ease-of-use as PowerPoint. PowerPoint provides one of the  boring, but well accustomed ways to present information.   Like its Office siblings PowerPoint is…

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Automate your social posts through IFTTT

As avid readers would have noted, I often say that putting together great content on your blog is half the work done.   The remaining half is getting the content to the right audience. This audience is everywhere. It consists of multiple people with varying degrees of knowledge, technology prowess, and of diverse interests. You…

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