Use Windows Live Writer for more productive blogging

Windows Live Writer from Microsoft is one of the excellent tools for bloggers. Live Writer is one of the best ways to assemble, write your posts offline on your Windows PC, and later upload them on your blog. Live Writer is not exactly new, and has been on the writing scene for quite some time…

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Automate your social posts through IFTTT

As avid readers would have noted, I often say that putting together great content on your blog is half the work done.   The remaining half is getting the content to the right audience. This audience is everywhere. It consists of multiple people with varying degrees of knowledge, technology prowess, and of diverse interests. You…

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Easily create your own iPhone or Android app

Mobile applications are in.   With the proliferation of internet on mobile devices, and the availability of modern technologies there is a deluge of mobile apps that make you stay productive or entertained, either connected to the network or otherwise. At the same time, the economy of mobile devices is set to grow leaps and…

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