Know whether your emails reached your reader

HubSpot Signals Review know whether emails have reached reader

Emails are the defacto medium of communication today. I can throw statistics on how popular are emails in today’s world, but emails are used by everyone. Let’s move on. But, even with all the popularity that emails have – one thing that frustrates me is that I cannot say for sure whether the emails have…

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Cheap WordPress Hosting for your Website or Blog

shared VPS dedicated hosting

It is quite a bit of work to get started on WordPress, and it can get confusing for new bloggers. First there is the problem of choosing the domain from the right domain registrar. Then, there is this seemingly endless hunt for hosting options. Finally, you have to set everything up to work as one…

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Get all URLs, post titles and sitemap for any website free web tool for google sitemap generator link crawl

I love Xenu.  Xenu Link Sleuth is a free but invaluable piece of software to use when it comes to crawl any website and find out errors. The tool can also generate Google Sitemap, or GraphViz visualization to fully understand how the site structure looks like. But Xenu has its limits. There are some critical things that may…

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Start using ScrapeBox

how to use scrapebox tutorial
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series ScrapeBox Tutorial

Well, congrats on getting ScrapeBox (if you don’t see how you can get ScrapeBox at a discounted price). We will see how ScrapeBox can help you. ScrapeBox is not a blackhat tool. Yes it can be used for spam comments, but I find its usage much beyond that. But first and foremost, ScrapeBox is a scraping tool…

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A Brutally Honest iWriter Review. Is iWriter technosanct?

iWriter Review

iWriter invokes passion in both people who want content written, and in those who are looking for content to be written. iWriter has revolutionised the way content is written and sold in the market place. It continues that trend to this day in the face of non-existent competition. To the delight of supporters, and to the dismay…

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Optimize screenshots for the web. How to reach screenshot nirvana?

ShareX screenshot capture

Previously you have seen me harping about a lesser known tool to take screenshots – the tool is called ShareX. ShareX is a great tool to take screenshots, make minor annotations on the screenshot, and to publish the screenshot to image sharing sites. [Read the complete ShareX review.] Although ShareX is excellent is doing what it…

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ShareX review. A really good screen capture tool

sharex screenshot

For the impatient, ShareX is a really good screen capture tool that you can employ to share files. The really powerful part is to capture images, make quick annotations and use it for your blog! Download ShareX, it is completely free! Read on to do a quick ShareX review. A really good screen capture tool…

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WordPress posts appear read only in Live Writer? Problem solved

Microsoft Live Writer is an awesome tool to write blogs, this has been covered before. But, Live Writer is not a hot topic when the whole world is moving towards web apps, and is looking to the web to solve all problems including global hunger. So, what can old fashioned bloggers who like offline editors…

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Top 3 reasons for using Amazon Appstore today

If you are using Android phones, Google Play is the default store from which you download additional Android apps, games and other paraphernalia for your phone. Google Play store, coming from the software creator, is good and can be the only source of Android software for all eternity – no doubt about it. But, Android…

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Prezi is a good alternative to Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the standard pot for presentation recipes for quite a long time. Though there have been alternatives (e.g. OpenOffice Impress, Google Docs Presentation), none offer the same breadth, depth or ease-of-use as PowerPoint. PowerPoint provides one of the  boring, but well accustomed ways to present information.   Like its Office siblings PowerPoint is…

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