Moving Away from LeanPub

leanpub to local book writing flow

LeanPub provides an easy and efficient way to create and publish your own books. Hope you did not miss the “create” part? While Amazon and its friends allow self-publishing, I was not quite taken to MS Word to write technical books. The whole flow of inserting images, code with special formats, and even changing the…

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3 easy ways to share data between phone and PC

Share data between computer and android device

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with people and the Internet. I often find myself browsing the Internet on my smart phone, and switching to PC while I need to test a program or get into more details. Addition of tablets to this mix made my world more complicated. Sharing bookmarks, notes and files…

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Free tool to copy entire websites

Mirror website local computer

If you want to copy simple websites to your local computer, you’re in luck. Although not very well-known HTTrack is a free and open source tool to do just that. The tool is quite easy to use.   How to get started with HTTrack? Download the program from HTTrack website. The website looks to have…

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5 fast and free ways to convert PDF to Word

top five online free pdf to word converters

PDF documents are valuable. You just convert your Word documents, text documents or even your images to PDF, and be assured that your signature in your work is retained forever. Or, is it? There are a number of utilities that can convert PDF into a Word document. Here are the top five ways of quickly converting the…

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FileZilla connection issues after upgrade

Filezilla upgrade connection issue

I’m really careful about upgrades. My enterprise IT experience shouts at me each time I want to upgrade anything. Thankfully, consumer software is more resilient and provides an overall better upgrade experience. Nonetheless, it is better to be careful than sorry 🙂 So this fine day, It was with some premonition I clicked the upgrade button…

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Free tool to quickly check health of web page

check webpage health using free tool

It is quite easy to get carried away in the design and look & feel of the web page. You want to introduce as many features as possible, pack in glorious images, and have multiple scripts doing all things magical. Doing all this strains your server, and affects performance. A few of the elements like…

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PatchMyPC – Automate updates for your Windows PC

PatchMyPC review one click software update software

Software updates are a necessary evil. Necessary because you get to have all the good enhancements that get implemented in later versions. They are evil since they need manual intervention. Until Chrome came along and showed mainstream users on the advantages of automated updates, people either downloaded updates and installed them, or just chose to…

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Awesome Images for Free

public domain high resolution free beautiful image sources

As a writer and blogger, images are crucial to convey the message to my audience. Finding images that go well with my posts were initially a tiring task. I used the tried and tested Google image search, dared copying some of the copyrighted images, and went through thousands of websites that offer royalty-free images. All…

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Cryptsync is a handy program for encrypting and synching files

I have suffered from lack of backups in the past. I have lost photographs (“mistakenly deleted”), knowledge documents painstakingly gathered from various sources (“still don’t have a clue where they went), and plan lost the password for the encrypted drive. For me, there is no such thing as a “too many backups”. But, I am…

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Chocolatey – A good app manager for Windows

chocolatey package manager for Windows

I had been playing around with Linux for a long time before my kinda permanent switch to Windows 8. Apart from the fact that I could show my geek skills to lesser mortals, the thing I missed the most was probably “package managers”. Be it “Yum” in RedHat or CentOS, Apt in Ubuntu, or Synaptic…

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