The flip side of Flippa


My recent trysts have seen me dabbling with too many work threads on the web. When this happens, I envision (or I believe I envision) an idea much better than what can be executed within a given time frame. The identified work ends up taking in a lot of time and energy, and under the…

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Get returning users, increase interactions through Forums

get users to interact through Forums

I can go on about how WordPress solves all the world’s problems (yes, including hunger). But one thing that it does not solve is automatically bring in readers to your website, and make them interact with you (and with one another). Or, I shouldn’t have actually said that about “bringing in readers” part. WordPress does…

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10 rules to excel in internet marketing

rules to excel in internet marketing

New to internet marketing? You are all excited about internet marketing, and about to bamboozle the world? Hold on, and seek newbie advice. Though I am not earning billions of dollars, I sure can give out free advice on what to do, and what not to do. Before we start, take note – this is…

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Get likes for your blog

dislike get likes for blog

Have you wondered on how some real bad pages (not the ones you see here, but *real* bad) have many likes/tweets/fans/followers? Have you been disillusioned by the fact that crappy pages get more traffic while your beautiful site doesn’t get any?  Fear not! What you think is right. The likes et. al. border on shady…

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Socialise your blog – Take the pool to the horse

social media
This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series A Beginners Guide to Blog

  You have your blog, you know precisely what to post, you have readers coming in through search engines, and you have more readers from emails. So, why go social you think? Why bother with yet another medium to talk while you have something exciting going on your own blog? You have the pool, and…

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Is Internet Marketing Saturated?

World population tagcloud

Internet marketing has been a hot topic for quite sometime now. In fact, there are so many people talking about it and excelling in it, that we are being asked whether the field is saturated. If all there was to do in Internet Marketing (IM) is already done, will newbies even stand a chance? Will…

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Mesmerise your readers with these tips

Writing a good blog post is tough. Each time you start writing the post, it is easy to get distracted. You have that Facebook wall to check, chat with friends, finish up on the next TV show and so on. Everything except writing, because writing is tough. When you indeed sit down to write, you…

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How to get the audience to unsubscribe from your emails?

I don’t know about you, but my internet marketing quest has taken me to places I did not think existed. As a result of all that I can proudly say that I know more of “standard/recommended way to market stuff over internet”, more ways to annoy people, and more ways of making your subscribers get…

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Where to begin your SEO quest?

I have written about my frustration with internet marketing before. I started all wrong when I began my website (on a nice-enough topic), later a general blog, and yet later another popular topic. I expected a bit of traffic in my way, but horror – no luck. Even after 50 posts, with a few popular keywords. When I…

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Why websites maintain email lists (and perform other dark arts)?

We have touched upon the subject of email lists before. Though I regret not maintaining it from early on, I do not do it really well for two reasons: I am lazy I do not think I have intelligent enough things to say that people want to read every week/fortnight/year It is fair enough to…

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