The Niche Conundrum

Effective techniques for niche research

So, you have decided to create a website and advertise your expertise online. You want to help people, but at the same time earn money on the side. You have a bit of experience in technology, you have some expertise in gardening, and know a thing or two about how to easily train a dog.…

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Promote ClickBank products

click bank start promoting products on website

Earlier in the series, you have seen how to get started on ClickBank, do your keyword research and some basic stuff on how to select your products. Once you do these, the next natural thing to do is to start promoting those ClickBank products. Promoting anything for money is a tricky thing. For your complete,…

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Get started on email marketing for free

sendwithus get started on email marketing

Email marketing sometimes looks like a beast for people getting started on anything to do with internet marketing – especially cheapos like me. On one hand you have all the experts out there shouting on roof tops about the nirvana called ’email marketing’. On the other, you see that auto responders cost money – on…

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Why you can avoid Source Phoenix by Alex Becker?

avoid source phoenix by Alex Becker

Source Phoenix is the newest hot product on the Internet Marketing scene. If you have not heard about it – you should start reading more. If not for anything you will learn how effectively you can market your own product. Alex Becker is spear-heading this product. He has teamed up with Dan Anderson (a “100k+…

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Get started as ClickBank Affiliate

Top 10 ways to ClickBank Riches

ClickBank is a great place to be in if you have anything to do with affiliate marketing. ClickBank is a trusted platform for sellers, and buyers of everything that is sellable over internet. For the digital entrepreneur ClickBank offers a powerful platform to offer digital products, and recruit an affiliate army that is ready to sell for…

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Know Amazon Affiliate Basics. Get started on associate journey

get started on amazon affiliate program
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Guide to become an Amazon Associate

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. What you do is quite simple: Choose a niche that you’re comfortable with. Choose the department on that suits your niche Create a website for the niche Apply to become an Amazon affiliate Write some great content around the products in your…

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Build affiliate sites that earn money. No worries with Google updates

build affiliate sites that earn money

Affiliate sites are here to stay. But let me define what I mean by affiliate sites. I look at affiliate sites as those that address a very specific buyer problem. A problem that bigger guys have ignored because there are not sufficient people.  The sites may be about all the baby strollers that I find…

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Get returning users, increase interactions through Forums

get users to interact through Forums

I can go on about how WordPress solves all the world’s problems (yes, including hunger). But one thing that it does not solve is automatically bring in readers to your website, and make them interact with you (and with one another). Or, I shouldn’t have actually said that about “bringing in readers” part. WordPress does…

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10 rules to excel in internet marketing

rules to excel in internet marketing

New to internet marketing? You are all excited about internet marketing, and about to bamboozle the world? Hold on, and seek newbie advice. Though I am not earning billions of dollars, I sure can give out free advice on what to do, and what not to do. Before we start, take note – this is…

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Get likes for your blog

dislike get likes for blog

Have you wondered on how some real bad pages (not the ones you see here, but *real* bad) have many likes/tweets/fans/followers? Have you been disillusioned by the fact that crappy pages get more traffic while your beautiful site doesn’t get any?  Fear not! What you think is right. The likes et. al. border on shady…

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