Using images the wrong way in your blog

using images the wrong way in blog

Images and videos work really well for blog posts. To recount an old cliche – they can indeed save a lot of words by conveying the same information, but more effectively.   Problems start small I was quite lazy with images when I started off. On some of my older blogs still have images that…

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3 super-easy , free methods to get traffic for your blog

get traffic for blog easy methods

You need traffic. period. Even with the best of algorithms, your website still gets gauged by what the link spread propensity is. It’s only natural that people share what they perceive as useful, so it is equally natural for search engines to depend on the number of links to evaluate the usefulness of your content.…

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3 free ways to find expired domains


Expired domains are good for you. They are also kind of sad. People have built their websites over a long time, and now have lost the site due to lack of interest, lack of resources, or for any other reason. Expired domains can have tremendous link power. They might have developed a lot of respect…

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Get all URLs, post titles and sitemap for any website free web tool for google sitemap generator link crawl

I love Xenu.  Xenu Link Sleuth is a free but invaluable piece of software to use when it comes to crawl any website and find out errors. The tool can also generate Google Sitemap, or GraphViz visualization to fully understand how the site structure looks like. But Xenu has its limits. There are some critical things that may…

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Like Content for Rewards – Banned by Facebook?

dislike get likes for blog

Facebook recently announced the version 2.1 of its Graph API. Along with a few enhancements and improvements, Facebook changed its policies to reflect the following – You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not…

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Quick review of NoHatSEO Internship – Does it really work?

nohatseo internship review

I recently applied to NoHatSEO (now NoHatDigital) internship, got selected and got kicked out – all in quick succession. So, what really happens inside NoHatSEO internship program. Find out. NoHatDigital runs internship programs for SEO enthusiasts. They conduct this program almost every month, and invite people through their blog to go through their learning course –…

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Start using ScrapeBox

how to use scrapebox tutorial
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series ScrapeBox Tutorial

Well, congrats on getting ScrapeBox (if you don’t see how you can get ScrapeBox at a discounted price). We will see how ScrapeBox can help you. ScrapeBox is not a blackhat tool. Yes it can be used for spam comments, but I find its usage much beyond that. But first and foremost, ScrapeBox is a scraping tool…

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What happens when SEO expert gets audited?

kissmetrics audit

KISSMetrics is a site that enables you to know about your visitors in a way that is not possible by Google Analytics alone. The site seems well organized, has multiple clear calls-to-action, and is engaging to say the least.  The founders Neil Patel and Hiten Shah are well known names in the industry. Neil Patel writes…

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Technosanct Guide to Keyword Research

keyword research ultimate guide

Hello, hello, hello.. The three hellos were required since you have found the ultimate guide for keyword research. The best place to be in the virtual world, and all that. With that BS out of way, we will get to what we love to do to buy a private yacht of your own – keyword…

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ScrapeBox – The ‘must have’ tool in every arsenal

scrapebox screenshot
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series ScrapeBox Tutorial

ScrapeBox is the most basic tool that you should have if you are into blogging, search engine optimization, keyword research, creating affiliate sites, or just about doing anything related to Internet Marketing. ScrapeBox is of invaluable help in a tonne of tasks that you need to repeat for your blogs/websites. In fact, I considered ScrapeBox…

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